Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) are in high demand as enterprises seek help with software adoption to boost their software ROI. With digital transformation becoming crucial for long-term success, DAPs have become essential.

On average, enterprises have over 300 software applications working simultaneously. Carefully evaluating and selecting a DAP that aligns with your organization's specific needs is essential without adding unnecessary complexity to your software landscape.

Below we have got five different digital adoption platforms considering factors such as customization capabilities, analytics and insights, ease of use, and compatibility with your existing software stack.

While Whatfix has been a popular DAP, its high pricing, complex features, and clumsy customer success teams can be a deal-breaker for some.

But first - let’s start with where Whatfix falters.

Why look for Whatfix alternatives?

Considering customer reviews, we've created a list of places Whatfix lacks:

High Pricing -

Although Whatfix's official website does not mention pricing directly, it is comparable to DAPs such as WalkMe, its biggest competitor, which is expensive. The cost of Whatfix is higher than the industry average for digital transformation tools.

While Whatfix offers flexible plans to its customers, the basic plan starts at $1,200 per year, which can be expensive for mid-sized and large enterprises, especially those with a large workforce.

Complexity to Use -

The purpose of a digital adoption platform is only achievable if it is easy to use. Whatfix's complex features may only be suitable for some users, and it may be challenging for non-technical employees to use the tool effectively.

A customer reviewed Whatfix on Gartner,
The tool itself is challenging for the less technical people to use the tool, as you need to know the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) classes to show flows and steps.

Clumsy Customer Success -

Many of Whatfix's customers mention that customer success teams can sometimes be clumsy. During the demo, a lot is promised regarding features and ease of use, but when they sign up, it can be a mess for end-users, leading to a different experience than what was demonstrated.

Our comparison guide will help you find the best solution for your organization based on your specific needs and requirements.

Top 5 Whatfix Alternatives for Enterprises


Gyde is a cutting-edge digital adoption platform (DAP) that empowers enterprises to enhance their application users' experience through an array of innovative features.

With Gyde, you can guide your users/employees with step-by-step voice assistance, byte-sized training videos, and rich help articles, ensuring they can easily access the resources they need to navigate the software.

When comparing Gyde and Whatfix, it's worth noting that Gyde has received consistently positive customer reviews, which speaks to its reliability and overall quality. On the other hand, some users have limitations with Whatfix, which may prompt enterprises to explore better options.

Regarding features and use cases, both Gyde and Whatfix offer compelling solutions for digital adoption. However, Gyde sets itself apart with its simple solution focusing on software adoption, making it accessible and user-friendly for all your employees.


  • No code walkthroughs: Gyde allows you to create interactive step-by-step audio-visual walkthroughs triggered by user actions, events, or segments. You can also customize the look and feel of your walkthroughs to match your brand identity, for which you don’t need any coding skills to create or update your guides.
  • Multilingual help: Gyde enables its users to access the most critical application processes in their preferred language, making learning and employing the software easier.
  • Contextual guides: Gyde provides contextual guidance based on user behavior, attributes, or events. It helps you deliver the correct information at the right time to the right user.
  • Power analytics: Gyde provides helpful analytics to track the usage of your help content, allowing you to modify and edit it based on how it is being received. Additionally, Gyde offers feedback tools that enable users to react to specific help content using emojis.
  • Tooltips: These helpful hints appear when you hover over an icon or button in an application. For example, if you're using a software program and are unsure what a certain button does, you can simply hover your mouse over it, and a little tooltip will pop up with a brief explanation.
  • In-App Assessments: In-app assessments are often given to employees after they've completed a process with the help of a walkthrough or tutorial. For example, after a sales reps makes a new contact in a CRM, they may be prompted to take a short assessment to ensure they've understood the process correctly.

Use Cases

  • Employee Productivity - When employees understand the processes they need to follow, there is typically less back-and-forth between training manuals and other resources. As a result, employee productivity tends to increase. With the help of Gyde's capabilities, employees are guided through complex processes and learn while they work.
  • Self-Support - Picture this: an employee is trying to create a new lead in  a CRM software but is stuck and doesn't know what to do next. Rather than sending a distress signal to IT support, they can turn to Gyde's in-app walkthroughs for help! With step-by-step guidance, the employee can breeze through the lead creation process. And best of all, this self-support option reduces the workload on IT support teams, giving them more time to focus on better issues.
  • Change Management - As digital transformation spreads across various industries, change management has emerged as a critical process that many organizations struggle with, given the inherent difficulties of change. However, it's essential to secure employee buy-in to ensure successful implementation. Gyde plays a vital role in easing the transition process. Whether you're replacing old software or introducing a new one, Gyde can help mitigate employee apprehension toward these changes.
  • User Training and Onboarding - In any change process, user training and onboarding are crucial stages that determine the success of the transition. Traditional methods such as slideshares and lengthy PowerPoint presentations are becoming outdated, particularly with the pandemic and remote work culture erasing their effectiveness.

Gyde’s in-app guide simplifies the navigation of any system and offers a powerful solution to support and enhance user training and onboarding. This option allows employees to adapt to new software without feeling overwhelmed or lost quickly.

Pricing & Reviews

Gyde provides a range of pricing options to suit different needs. Their Air and Startup tiers start at just $99 and $199 per month, respectively, both offering great value for the price.

The Enterprise tier is available for more advanced features, and a personalized quote can be obtained. Gyde's pricing model is flexible and reasonable, ensuring you get the best deal for your needs.

Gyde has helped us enhance digital adoption in one of the flagship employee programs at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co.Ltd. Gyde walkthroughs have restructured and revamped how our employees experience a new application with training videos and FAQs being embedded into the screen.
Neeraj Nalgundwar (Associate VP - IT, Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd)


Userlane is a no-code digital adoption platform that helps users learn and use web-based applications effectively by providing real-time guidance, training, and support within the application itself.


  • Interactive step-by-step guides: With Userlane, you can create and manage interactive guides triggered by user actions, events, or segments.
  • Reporting and targeting tools: Userlane provides reporting and targeting tools to track user behavior in one convenient location.
  • Integration with enterprise systems: With Userlane, you can seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems.

Use cases

  • Employee onboarding: Reduces frustration and churn during employee onboarding by guiding them through your application with interactive step-by-step guides.
  • Employee training and support: With Userlane, you can empower your employees to learn intuitively through self-service training.
  • Software adoption: Userlane also helps you ensure software adoption by enabling your users to realize the total value of your strategic software with every in-app guidance.

Pricing and Reviews

While they don't disclose their pricing, you can easily book a demo to learn more about their offerings and receive a customized plan that meets your specific needs.

After mastering the basics, you can explore Userlane's advanced features to enhance your experience. However, note that the editor may sometimes stop working while creating a guide, which can be frustrating.
Customer Review on Capterra


Spekit is a digital adoption platform for internal employee empowerment through easy access to in-app support and resources, especially for remote teams and just-in-time microlearning.


  • Search - A collapsible sidebar that provides centralized information and enables employees to search for answers within their workflows.
  • Spotlights - Notify users about important process changes, company announcements, and new available fields.
  • Speks - Feature integrating knowledge into Salesforce-defined fields, terms, and picklist values.

Use cases

  • Sales Enablement - Spekit can empower sales teams with just-in-time training and contextual information. Sales reps can access training resources and answers to their questions in real time without leaving their workflow.
  • Onboarding - Spekit can be used to streamline and simplify employee onboarding. By providing new hires access to training resources, they can quickly learn about the existing software at your enterprise.
  • Productivity -  Spekit improves employee productivity by providing employees with the information and training they need to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Pricing and Reviews

Spekit's pricing page lacks transparency and requires users to contact the company to obtain pricing information.

Spekit's on-the-fly card creation feature in Salesforce is highly convenient, although a few bugs have been encountered. However, the need to resync the SFDC connection in Spekit every time a new field is added can be a major inconvenience, taking up to 5-10 minutes.
Customer Review on Capterra


Apty is a digital adoption platform that helps enterprises optimize their business processes by enabling, enforcing, and accelerating software adoption across the organization.


  • Workflows: Apty allows you to create and manage interactive step-by-step guides that can guide your users through complex tasks or goals within any application.
  • Analytics: Apty allows you to analyze applications, processes, and user behavior with reliable data and insights. You can also track goals and measure the impact of your adoption strategies.
  • Reporting hygiene: Apty helps enterprises ensure data quality and consistency by validating user inputs and enforcing business rules within any application.

Use cases

  • Onboarding and training - Apty helps enterprises onboard and train users faster and better with effective segmentation capability.
  • Change management - Apty streamlines employee training, communication, and support to ensure successful change management.
  • In-application self-support - Apty reduces the burden on IT and support teams by providing users with scalable on-demand assistance.

Pricing and Reviews

Apty offers a subscription-based pricing model that allows you to tailor your plan to your needs. With Apty, you can request a demo and receive a customized quote.

Apty is an excellent tool for improving user adoption, training, and onboarding processes. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to develop workflows, leading to a faster turnaround. While it would be helpful to have some best practice resources specifically tailored to using Apty with our ERP.
Customer review on g2


A no-code platform for user onboarding, UserGuiding allows you to create beautiful walkthroughs with just a few clicks.


  • Hotspots: Create static info-boxes to give users quick tips about an element within your product. Mix them with guides for a better onboarding experience.
  • Resource centers: Consolidate all your resources in one place with Resource Centers. Showcase your work, including blog posts, webinars, and help center articles. Let users browse them without leaving your app.

  • NPS Surveys: Capture important user insights and measure satisfaction with NPS surveys. Make important product decisions based on user feedback.

Use cases

  • User Onboarding: UserGuiding can help enterprises onboard new users and engage customers throughout their lifecycles, which is crucial for driving user adoption, reducing churn, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Feature Adoption: UserGuiding can boost secondary feature adoption by showing users how to use complex applications in real-time. This can help enterprises increase user engagement, drive feature usage, and maximize the value of their product offerings.
  • Customer Support: UserGuiding can provide users with scalable on-demand assistance and reduce support tickets. This can help enterprises streamline customer support operations, improve user satisfaction, and reduce support costs.

Pricing and Reviews

UserGuiding's Corporate Plan is priced at $699, billed monthly. This plan is ideal for larger organizations, offering advanced features and capabilities to improve user onboarding and adoption.

Started with a free trial and subscribed after a week. The support team is responsive via chat, even during the trial phase. It took some time to test features and functions on the website, but once I did, it was great. Enabling user identification for more customized guides took some effort from our developers.
Review on g2

Final Comparison

The ‘Recommend’ column denotes the recommendation probability, i.e., the likelihood that users of the different user onboarding and product adoption platforms would recommend the software to others.

The rating is given on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest satisfaction with features, ease of use, pricing, and customer support.

Why is Gyde the best Whatfix Alternative?

Gyde is a strong contender in the digital adoption software market. With top-notch features, ease of use, and excellent customer support, Gyde has earned a high recommendation probability rating of 5.0, which indicates that users are extremely satisfied with the platform and would readily recommend it to others.

To learn more about Gyde and how it can help your business, we encourage you to book a call with our digital adoption experts. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve maximum software adoption and success.


Who are the top competitors of Whatfix?

  • Some of the top competitors of Whatfix in the digital adoption platform (DAP) market include Gyde, Userlane, Spekit, Apty, and Walkme.

What is the difference between Whatfix and Gyde?

  • Whatfix and Gyde are digital adoption platforms that help companies streamline process flows and improve employee productivity. However, Gyde provides a more personalized learning experience, with the ability to create custom learning paths and track employee progress on application over time.

What is cheaper than Whatfix?

  • Several digital adoption platforms that are cost-effective than Whatfix, are Gyde, Userlane, UserGuiding, etc. The pricing of digital adoption platforms can vary depending on the features and functionality they offer and the number of users and integrations required.

How does Gyde help companies solve problems?

  • Gyde is the perfect solution for companies looking to streamline process flows and improve employee productivity. With Gyde's personalized learning experience, employees can quickly access contextual information and guidance in real time, wherever and whenever needed. The platform's personalized learning paths ensure employees can learn new skills and knowledge efficiently while tracking their progress over time.