Digital adoption implies the process of leveraging technology to transform your enterprise and scale your business to a new height by upskilling the workforce. With the introduction of new, upgraded software technology, you improve and modernise your operations to achieve greater efficiency and agility.

According to a report, most firms have at least some digital business plans, and nearly two-thirds (61%) said the pandemic drove them to undertake a digital-first approach in 2021.

But wait, there are some challenges ahead in this path.

Top Three Challenges Faced by Enterprises on the Route to Digital Adoption

1. Significant investment in software technology

Enterprise software has a plethora of applications. Every company utilises multiple applications to monitor sales, optimise project management, oversee HR activities, track logistics operations, meet design standards, etc. Thus, several mobile and software applications are required to run the business efficiently, necessitating a substantial investment in technology solutions.

Treating digital adoption just as a deliverable is short-sighted and risks undermining millions of dollars invested and organisational disruption experienced.

2. Need for extensive training and development programs

Employee training to adopt new digital tools at scale is costly and time-consuming, and it can stall your digital adoption efforts. You'll have to put in a lot of time and effort to create training modules. Then there are the miscellaneous costs of conducting the training. Furthermore, keeping training materials up to date is tricky in a digital context as technologies evolve rapidly.

Also, revisions are made to workflows and company policies. Any tiny amendment can cause training and development experts to retrain their users and update their training content.

3. Impact on workplace productivity

The training on software and mobile applications adoption, rather than being offered in the context of a specific operation, demands a distinct ecosystem that disrupts normal business operations. Employees are not productive or deliver value while they attend training sessions. A single minute in a training session is a minute spent away from one's daily job.

It means that the time your sales team spend learning a CRM or sales tool outside of the workplace is time they are not selling.

Don't worry, Gyde is here to help.

Achieve High ROI and Optimum Productivity with Gyde’s Digital Adoption Platform

A digital adoption platform (DAP) helps users and employees learn how to use digital products, software and applications swiftly and grasp the merits of incorporating them into the workflow. Flexible walkthroughs, interactive guides, assistance articles, checklists and other elements that enhance digital training and onboarding, as well as influential user behaviour metrics, are included.

Here is how Digital Adoption Platform assists enterprises-

  • Every great digital adoption tool comes integrated with on-demand assistance and on-screen guidance features. Gyde offers instructive audio-visual tutorials, contextual assistance content and FAQs.
  • Such walkthrough features assist you in transforming even the most demanding tasks into self-supported guides. The tutorials walk the user through every stage of the training cycle, instruct them where to navigate and direct them towards their next step.
  • Such accessible on-demand assistance and on-screen guidance improvise the onboarding process for new users and enable current users to deliver more in less time. Thus, user satisfaction and productivity levels are high.
  • Given the benefits, a digital adoption platform can take the place of expensive and inefficient classroom training and development programs. Also, most professionals prefer to learn on the job rather than in a classroom.

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Digital adoption is the need of the hour to stay one step ahead of the competition since 84% of the top enterprise executives believe that new business prospects have emerged as their firms undergo digital transformations. A Gyde DAP is your solution as it facilitates convenient software onboarding, easy adoption of complex applications like SAP Successfactors, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc. for accessibility, and productivity for users of all expertise levels and skills, leading to a swifter, lower-cost digital adoption process.