What is In-App Training?

  • The clue is in the name: In-App training is designed to be consumed within your application, it’s a training that takes place within your application when users are using it.
  • It is a training tool that helps the users to understand the application with less effort and without investing more time in learning rather than working.
  • It also can be an AI-based training as it can understand and trigger the help whenever and wherever users are stuck.

How to leverage In-App Training?

  • For adoption of this kind of effective and interactive In-App training, the DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) such as Gyde can help, and it also can become your Ninja to leverage all the benefits of it.
  • As it helps organisations to train, onboard and support employees on the software systems such as HRMS, CRM, ERP, LMS etc. And it contains all the required features for In-App training, such as-
  • Walkthroughs- It helps with easy understanding as it easily explains overall processes within your application in a step by step manner.
  • Small Video Snippets- Explains workflows or processes with Small video snippets which is much more effective rather than long videos and PDFs
  • Contextual FAQs- It provides the most relevant FAQs whenever the user needs it the most.
  • Usage Profile- It will tell what exactly is being used & what remains in a trunk to the admins. So that they can make changes according to it.

5 Benefits of In-App Training

1) Interactive -One-on-one teaching does not always scale very well. But with In-App training, it can be overcome and replace the lengthy training sessions, to interactive training with help of walkthroughs, FAQs and much more.

2) Customizable - As it is a role-based training, It can work accordingly as its user’s role. That allows to customize these training as per the requirements of a specific role. You can add and customize the content as it demands.

3) Intelligent - In-App training can be termed as an intelligent training tool, as it uses Artificial Intelligence to help the users to provide the best solution based on their problem, whenever and wherever they are stuck within the application.

4) Accessible- In-App training is easily accessible to users, as there are sleek features involved to train the users within the application while working on it. Which are just a click away. The clear benefit of that is that users will get to know about the application while working on it, they need not to look for help outside the applications like LMS, SharePoint portals, emails etc.

5) Cost-Effective- In-App training allows you to create and add various types of walkthroughs, contextual data and much more for helping in better understanding of the application to its users, which is easy to create and affordable.

This type of In-App training will be better for the world where applications are changing rapidly. It is more effective, interactive, and accessible and it can be a Ninja to its users to become more proficient with applications.

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