CRM is the most important application in any organisation. A lot of organisations are choosing Zoho CRM because of its broad coverage, deep features, and flexible subscription model.

Businesses & users take a lot of effort to teach & learn Zoho CRM. The challenge - It is static, stored as one long video somewhere on SharePoint, or shared as long user manual on email. These methods do not scale when there is a real need to apply this training i.e. while using CRM.

Gyde helps your users to learn and adopt software quickly & delivers ROI faster.

Today, We are thrilled to announce Gyde for Zoho CRM.

With audio-visual walkthroughs, contextual FAQs, & small video snippets - it will make learning Zoho CRM fun & interactive.

👉 Want to know how to create a lead?
🤘 Want to know how to add an account?
👋 Want to know how to export contacts?

& many more such things are a part of this Gyde which will help you use Zoho CRM better.

Below are the instruction for installation -

1. Go to this page
2. Click on "Add to Chrome" button
3. Go to your Zoho CRM & refresh.
4. Click on "Help?" & get guided instantly!

Please try it out & let me know what you think -!