A great knowledge base will not only help to eliminate support ticket volume, but also helps to keep users more engaged at every stage of the user journey as it is more interactive and rich in media.

Knowledge base or help articles enabled through a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) help users to quickly resolve their queries about the application without having to search outside. Which improves the self-help aspect of the underlying application.

How contextual help articles are more effective?

Generally, FAQs listed in the help section provide the answers to the most common questions related to the application.

Whereas the help articles with rich media and contextual based on the application pages and the user role can be considered as a next-gen solution to this. Also this just resides inside the application and helps users to get the solution swiftly.

Want to know how this can be done by using Gyde platform?

For example- Gyde’s “HELP” button can trigger an in-app widget that will help users to get help about their queries and ultimately guiding them to adopt the application quickly without much hustle.

How contextual help articles will reduce the application support ticket?

Knowledge base/help articles can reduce the support tickets as it offers more effective guidance-

  1. By providing specific information about the questions
  2. Helping the users to become self-serve and more proficient
  3. By managing previously created help articles and providing an easy way to manage the newly created content as well
  4. It organizes the collected information by topic and user’s role, so it can be easily accessed by users when they are in the relevant part of the application
  5. These help articles may contain the images and videos so these become more interactive and fun to consume
  6. It can be accessed just by searching with the keyword related to the question

Self-service models in business can bring success, tons of revenue and growth chances. To stay observant in the competition and to achieve the best possible growth, one has to start implementing self-serve abilities into the business.