We get it – learning is evolving, shifting from traditional classroom formats to personalized, bite-sized experiences. Observing L&D leaders, we see that they are committed to providing a holistic learning experience to employees, partners, and other stakeholders.

Here's the catch: Keeping that commitment requires the right L&D tools.

If you're looking for the best Learning and Development (L&D) tools, you're in the perfect place! This blog will help you see, analyze, and pick the top L&D tools (powered by AI), enabling you to create useful and engaging workplace training at warp speed!

What to Expect in This Blog:

  • We'll explore the best L&D tools - quick description, pricing, top features & reviews. Also, find some expert tips on how to choose the right L&D tool.
  • Each tool will be discussed based on when it's useful for L&D. This way, you can find the tools that match your needs and boost your learning projects.
  • After a thorough online search, we've found some extra L&D tools that are real gems (Don't miss this)

Let's jump right in!

What are Corporate Learning and Development Tools?

Learning and Development (L&D) tools are a set of resources, platforms, and technologies that L&D and HR leaders use to run, manage, and analyze their employee training programs. These tools also work in skill development, change management, performance evaluation, and employee development.

Top Benefits of Having L&D Tools At Your Disposal

1. Employer:

  • L&D tools amplify employee skills and efficiency, leading to a more productive workforce.
  • Investing in online learning platforms is cost-effective compared to traditional training methods, reducing overall training expenses.
  • Providing opportunities for professional development through L&D tools contributes to employee satisfaction and talent retention.

2. Employee:

  • L&D tools offer structured learning experiences, helping employees acquire new skills and stay relevant.
  • Online platforms provide flexibility, allowing employees to access training materials at their own pace and from anywhere.
  • Continuous learning through L&D tools signals investment in employees, opening doors to career advancement and personal development.

Types of Learning & Development(L&D) Tools

During a panel discussion titled "Learning Reloaded: Innovative Tools for Employee Training," M. Ellen Ourednik, a seasoned leader in Learning and Development (L&D), said we can group these L&D tools into two main types:

  1. L&D Tools for Efficiency and Scalability
  2. L&D Tools for Engagement-Centric

1. Efficiency and Scalability Solutions: Streamlining Learning Initiatives

Purpose: In this category, the focus is on tools that help make training easier and reach many learners quickly. These tools aim to streamline operations, providing invaluable support to learners and trainers.

  • Performance Support Tools: Offering on-the-job assistance for tasks, these tools significantly enhance overall performance, making learning more practical and immediate. Example Tools: Gyde
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS): Serving as a centralized hub for managing, delivering, and tracking training programs, LMS platforms simplify the complexities of course administration. Example Tools: iSpring Suite, Talent LMS
  • Analytics and Reporting Tools: By providing data-driven insights into learner progress and training program effectiveness, these tools empower trainers to make informed decisions. Example Tools: Docebo, SurveyMonkey
  • Video Training Software: Using the power of video content, these tools deliver, manage, and enhance training programs, making learning experiences more dynamic and engaging. Example Tools: Animaker, Rephrase.ai
  • Authoring Tools: Facilitating the creation and modification of e-learning content, authoring tools empower educators to design captivating materials. Example Tools: Articulate Storyline 360, Elucidat

2. Engagement-Centric Solutions: Creating Interactive Learning Experiences

Purpose: In this category, the focus is on tools that keep employees interested and involved in their learning. Such tools would have immersive, interactive, and personalized learning features that foster higher engagement and motivation.

  • Gamification Platforms: By incorporating game elements, these platforms transform learning into a fun and engaging experience, making training and onboarding an exciting journey. Example Tools: Kahoot!, Valamis
  • Collaborative Learning Platforms: Facilitating collaborative learning experiences through social features, these platforms promote interaction and shared knowledge among learners. Example Tools: Slack
  • Microlearning Apps: Delivering bite-sized, focused learning content tailored for short attention spans, these apps make learning more digestible and accessible. Example Tools: OttoLearn, EdApp, Arist

15 Top Learning and Development Tools

1. Gyde

Gyde is an all-in-one tool for L&D needs, such as application training and onboarding, change management, and performance support.

Capterra Ratings - 5/5


Gyde, a no-code digital adoption platform, provides your employees with step-by-step knowledge for them to swiftly master even the most complex software applications within the natural flow of work. It deploys a readily available library of help resources within any application for employee software training.

Moreover, it quickly integrates with diverse enterprise web-based, cloud-based & mobile applications. With its easy-to-create interface, Gyde saves valuable time and reduces reliance on in-person application training, ultimately boosting application ROI.

Employees can search for the help they need to get step-by-step guidance
Employees can search for the help they need to get step-by-step guidance


Request a Quote based on your specific needs.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • With audio-visual walkthroughs, an employee will learn the application process with step-by-step callouts that appear on the application screen. This helps L&D managers to deliver interactive on-the-job training.
For each walkthrough, employees will receive guidance via message boxes or callouts
For each walkthrough, employees will receive guidance via message boxes or callouts
  • Offering contextual help articles, acting as employees’ quick-reference micro-doses for common queries and how-tos, reducing reliance on IT support.
  • Providing detailed analytics into employees' learning journeys, opens the door for L&D managers to measure tangible KPIs(Step funnel, drop-offs on walkthroughs/help articles) when evaluating overall application adoption.
  • Gyde's multilingual support enables employees to instantly auto-translate available help resources into different languages, enhancing their understanding of applications and optimizing performance.
  • Implementing in-app assessments after completing each walkthrough, administrators can ask MCQ questions and evaluate employee comprehension of a process. This further encourages targeted training based on results.

Here's the X-factor: Gyde has a standout feature, AI Enhancer, which automatically writes help content for walkthroughs and guides, powered by ChatGPT.

Customer Reviews

Gyde stands out for its ease-to-use features, quick turnaround, and stellar customer service. Here’s a review we found on Capterra by Megha, a product consultant in the e-learning industry:

“Gyde efficiently and effectively plays the role of your reliable virtual assistant who helps users navigate the platform without any hassles. You are guaranteed to achieve greater success in the platform onboarding and adoption journeys of users with the Gyde by your side.”

2. iSpring Suite

AI-powered Intuitive and High-performance eLearning tools all in one place for creating and distributing instructional content

Capterra Ratings - 4.7/5


iSpring Suite comprises a variety of L&D tools that can streamline your L&D strategy, engage learners, and unlock training efficiency. This comprehensive authoring toolkit empowers you to create high-impact, interactive learning experiences without leaving your familiar PowerPoint environment.

iSpring Suite's website
iSpring Suite


A 14-day free trial is offered for each product and bundle. You can customize your plan by adding individual products to any bundle.

But here are some iSpring Suite Bundles they offer:

  • Max: $970/year
  • Premium: $1,970/year

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Convert PowerPoint presentations into SCORM-compliant online courses in minutes, enhancing accessibility, saving time, and boosting engagement by preserving animations and multimedia.
  • When making a prompt, you can specify the quiz question type or ask the AI to generate tasks with different difficulty levels, facilitating personalized learning, reinforcing knowledge, and aiding performance evaluation.
Creating quiz questions within iSpringSuite
Quiz questions within iSpringSuite
  • Develop interactive video tutorials and screencasts with crystal-clear recording and annotation tools, promoting self-paced learning and aids skill acquisition.
  • Create interactive flipbooks from existing Word documents or PDFs, improving content accessibility, integrating multimedia, and enhances knowledge retention.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a positive review we found on their official website by Alessandro Scarpa, Technical Trainer Manager at Tattile:

“iSpring Suite allows us to create innovative content that is easy to create and consult, all at a reduced cost. After only one year of implementing iSpring products, we achieved 2,000 course completions.”

3. Talent LMS

#1 Cloud LMS for online learning in a simple and effective way

Capterra Ratings - 4.7/5


TalentLMS includes TalentLibrary, an inherent collection of over 800 pre-built courses. This resource is readily available for L&D leaders, proving valuable for Small and Midsize Business (SMB) training, employee onboarding, customer and partner training, and compliance training.

Other than that, Talent LMS has TalentCraft, which lets you create or edit a course, by selecting "Generate with AI" to create a page instantly on any topic. Although it may not be the optimal choice for selling courses through eCommerce, TalentLMS enhances learner engagement through built-in gamification features such as point accumulation and leaderboards.

Talent LMS landing page
Talent LMS


You can start free with TalentLMS and upgrade upon testing if the platform suits your needs. Here are some pricing tiers to understand the affordability:

  • Plus - $369 /month(Up to 500 users)
  • Premium - $569 /month(Up to 1000 users)
  • Enterprise - Request an annual plan

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Customize TalentLMS to match your brand, improving learner’s engagement and organizational identity.
  • Segment training to deliver targeted content and track progress for specific groups, elevating employee engagement and performance.
Talent LMS Dashboard with segmented training and analytics
Talent LMS Dashboard with segmented training and analytics
  • Automate tasks to free up L&D resources for strategic initiatives by automating reminders, course assignments, and notifications.
  • Personalize reporting to gain insights into learning metrics and skills gaps with personalized dashboards and reports.

Customer Reviews

We discovered a favorable review showcased on their official platform by Corin Birchall from Roland:

“We needed a platform that was ready for deployment rather than building something from scratch. Within a week, we had TalentLMS up and running and developed about 10 courses. That helped our teams respond to the sudden changes in the market.”

4. Docebo

Docebo is an excellent LMS for enterprises aiming to streamline L&D programs and eliminate redundant training systems across various departments.

Capterra Ratings - 4.3/5


Docebo is among the best AI-powered learning platforms that personalize the learning experience and improve learning outcomes. L&D managers can use Docebo for talent development, sales enablement, customer education, member training, etc. It leverages machine learning(ML) algorithms to recommend relevant content, adapt learning pathways, and provide intelligent feedback to learners.

Docebo Landing Page


You’ll have to request a quote from their official website to know the price points.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Docebo’s flagship product is LMS, and what’s really impressive is its user-friendly interface, and powerful AI features for streamlined learning path design, including content suggestions, tagging, and virtual coaching.
Docebo's backend to create, collaborate and distribute courses
Docebo's backend to create, collaborate and distribute courses 
  • With Docebo Content, deliver a seamless learning experience by deploying videos and courses precisely when users need them within the app, enhancing accessibility and engagement.
  • Docebo Impact provides clear insights into how well training content is received, helping L&D understand user engagement and demonstrating the direct impact on business outcomes.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review we found on g2 by Aimee. S, an individual in a mid-sized company with a workforce ranging from 51 to 1000 employees:

“The user experience is good in Docebo. It's easy for the end user to set things up in an easy way, but it also has most of the backend stuff of a 'serious LMS' that is required for compliance, etc. There is room for improvement, but this is a good, well-rounded solution, and I've looked at many different systems. I like that the Coach and Share element allows for community building, knowledge sharing, and working with experts, which is very important in any modern learning ecosystem.”

5. SurveyMonkey

One of the best and most diverse online survey platforms for expert data collection.

Capterra Ratings - 4.6/5


Survey Monkey is a standout choice for conducting surveys, offering a user-friendly experience that surpasses other options. Seamlessly collecting payments and creating visually cohesive surveys enhances its appeal for integrating with the user's business needs.

Despite its commendable features, we see some user reservations about the pricing structure, especially as a small business owner who conducts only a few surveys annually. Also, the add-ons can quickly add up in cost.

SurveyMonkey Landing Page


The basic plan comes at no cost, offering flexibility for upgrades tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to select the most essential features. Enterprises can request a personalized quote to align with their unique requirements.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • SurveyMonkey Genius is powered by Gen AI, and L&D can create a survey within seconds by providing short prompts, saving a chunk of time.
  • Pre-training assessments help gauge existing knowledge and identify skill gaps before training begins. It helps L&D make learning a dynamic experience with branching logic, multimedia elements, and personalized questions.
  • SurveyMonkey offers diverse survey templates tailored for various industries, such as healthcare, government, and technology. These templates are designed for L&D, to enable more effective feedback gathering and analysis.

Customer Reviews

On one of the software listing sites, we encountered a glowing review by Claude Hang, Risk Assurance Associate at PwC Zambia:

“I like how SurveyMonkey allows me to create and distribute various types of surveys, such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market research, and more. It is really easy to use, with a very low learning curve. It has a lot of templates, question types, and design options to choose from. It also has powerful features, such as logic, branching, and piping, that help me customize my surveys and make them more relevant and engaging for my respondents.”

6. Animaker

Best L&D tool for online AI animation generator and video maker

Capterra Ratings - 4.2/5


Suppose you want to add a flare of creativity to your training programs. In that case, Animaker is a cloud-based video and animation software that allows users to create professional-looking videos without prior experience.

Animaker's website page


The basic plan starts at $12.5/Mo. For enterprise-level solutions, personalized pricing is available.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Animaker has a large library of pre-built templates and characters that users can customize to create videos. This helps L&D to get started quickly, even if they don't have any design skills.
  • It’s drag-and-drop, making adding and arranging elements in your video easy. This makes it a great option for L&D beginners and experienced users alike.
  • Animaker offers various animations, including 2D animation, 3D animation, hand-drawn animation, and whiteboard animation, making learners engage with content in a dynamic and visually stimulating manner.
Animaker creating basic 2D animations with drag and drop functionality
Animaker creating basic 2D animations with drag and drop functionality

Customer Reviews

While exploring Animaker, we came across a shining review on g2 by C W., an individual in a small-sized company with a workforce ranging from 50 and fewer

“Animaker has a simple interface and a huge library of templates, characters, backgrounds, music, and stock assets. You can also customize your scenes with properties, effects, text-to-speech, and lip-sync. The Enterprise plan features 4K video quality and lets you share your videos directly to social media platforms. It is easy to implement and use, fast, and fun. I would recommend Animaker to anyone who wants to create engaging and creative animated videos without any hassle.”

7. Rephrase.ai

Leading AI-powered platform for creating realistic videos with digital avatars.

g2 Ratings - 4.7/5


Rephrase AI is a text-to-video generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to create professional-looking videos with a digital avatar in minutes. You can simply input your script, and choose from a variety of avatar styles, and Rephrase.ai will do the rest, generating a video that you can use for presentations, marketing campaigns, or even just for fun.

Rephrase.ai Landing page


The personal plan starts at $25/month. The enterprise plan is customized.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Rephrase.ai creates personalized brand-centric videos with AI avatars, improving employee understanding of training content extracted from text-heavy PDFs and skyrocketing the effectiveness of video training campaigns.
  • Create videos in various languages to efficiently broaden your audience's reach. This is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to conventional video production methods.
  • Choose from various avatars, from professional business personas to casual and friendly characters. Videos with human-like avatars naturally grab attention and improve audience engagement.
Rephrase.ai lets you select from a range of avatars, from business personas to casual characters.
Rephrase.ai lets you select from a range of avatars, from business personas to casual characters.

Customer Reviews

A brilliantly positive review stood out to us during our search on g2 by Nibhrit M., a software engineer in a small-business:

“The platform's AI technology is truly impressive, as it can generate realistic and natural-sounding voices that perfectly sync with the video content. This capability opens up a world of possibilities for businesses looking to enhance their marketing campaigns, advertisements, and other video-based initiatives. Rephrase.ai's solution saves time and effort by eliminating the need for actors or voiceover artists, making video production more accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.”

8. Articulate Storyline 360

Best e-learning authoring tool for better instructional design

g2 Ratings - 4.6/5


Articulate Storyline 360 is an e-learning authoring tool that allows users to create highly interactive and engaging online courses, simulations, and quizzes. It is part of the Articulate 360 suite, which is a cloud-based platform offering various authoring tools, including Storyline 360 and Rise 360, a web-based responsive authoring tool.

Plus, they’ve recently launched Articulate AI to turn source material into structured learning and magically convert dense text pdf into engaging interaction.

Articulate Storyline 360
Articulate Storyline 360 


Articulate Storyline’s pricing for companies starts at $1,399 per user annually. You get a free 30-day trial to try out all its commendable features.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Creating interactive online courses with adaptive presentations in Articulate Storyline 360 enhances accessibility and flexibility, promoting continuous learning across devices.
  • Customizable templates and an extensive asset library improve efficiency and consistency in course development, enabling L&D professionals to focus on instructional design and content delivery rather than starting from scratch.
Colour selector for course slides within Articulate Storyline
Image source/credit: Articulate
  • Articulate Storyline 360 presentations that adapt to multiple devices, enabling learners to engage with the content conveniently regardless of their device.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review we found on a software listing site by Amy M., an e-learning manager:

“I use Storyline 360 every day, and I like that it is very user-friendly. There are basically four components to the program-slides, states, layers, and triggers and once you master those, you can really create anything! There is also an incredible online community at eLearning Heroes, and support and training is phenomenal.”

9. Elucidat

Best for premium course structuring & distribution with L&D support & strategy, making your e-learning productions super-sharp!

Capterra Ratings - 4.7/5


Elucidat is an authoring tool that helps Learning and Development (L&D) leaders create engaging online courses, including leadership training programs, with features like quizzes, interactive activities, webinars, and microlearning. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and comes with everything needed to create high-quality e-learning content.

Riding the AI bandwagon, Elucidat's AI applies learning design best practices alongside production guardrails, assuring Learning & Development teams of AI support without compromising quality or impact.

Elucidat Landing page


There are four distinct pricing tiers for Elucidat: Basic, Team, Enterprise, and Scale. You must submit a request to get detailed pricing information for each tier.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Empower instructional designers with the flexibility to design custom course templates, ensuring relevance and alignment with organizational objectives.
Elucidat backend to suit your brand style
Elucidat backend to suit your brand style 
  • Engage learners and gather data points through integrated surveys and social polling, fostering a participatory and feedback-rich learning environment.
  • Boost motivation and drive participation by implementing gamification elements such as badges and timers, adding a competitive and rewarding dimension to the learning journey.
  • Stay agile with live releases, enabling real-time updates and adjustments to course content, ensuring information is current and responsive to evolving needs.

Customer Reviews

During our perusal of a software directory, g2, we were impressed by a glowing testimonial by Zach.K:

“There are several things about Elucidat that I enjoy and appreciate. There are in no particular orders. Elucidat gives you much more control and more options over what you want to use or utilize as far as creating the materials compared to Articulate Rise. It's essentially a cloud-based version of Storyline. As a cloud-based software that's accessible via the browser, it makes collaboration and updates so much more seamless”

10. Kahoot!

Most popular gamification tool to make L&D programs fun & engaging!

Capterra Ratings - 4.7/5


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that allows users to create, share, and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker founded Kahoot in 2012.

Through its AI capabilities, Kahoot motivates your team through remarkable presentations, engaging trainings, and memorable events

Kahoot! Website


Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams at $39 per member per month. For enterprise solutions, you’ll have to reach out to their dedicated sales team.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Users can create their own learning games, called "kahoots," by adding questions, videos, images, and diagrams that increase employee engagement and interactivity in learning activities.
  • They can also use the platform's question bank to customize existing kahoots created by other users, allowing trainers to leverage pre-existing content and adapt it to their specific training needs.
  • Players need a unique PIN to join a game, and the game host needs a big screen to display the questions, giving L&D managers improved security and facilitation of group learning activities within a controlled learning environment.
Kahoot! can work on any device and can be accessible from anywhere
Kahoot! can work on any device and can be accessible from anywhere
  • Kahoot offers features for virtual learning, allowing users to host kahoots via video conferencing tools and assign employee-paced challenges for review.

Customer Reviews

We stumbled upon a review by a distinguished leader in a respected company on the company's website.

“Kahoot is a key component in our learning culture. It allows us to create an interactive atmosphere in which we keep learners engaged and achieve our learning objectives.”

11. Valamis

Best comprehensive LMS for corporate training and development

Capterra Ratings - 4.7/5


Valamis is a digital learning company specializing in workforce development. The company operates internationally with US, UK, Germany, and Russia offices. Valamis offers a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that enables formal, informal, and social microlearning, content authoring, and management tools. The platform provides users with access to in-depth analytics in their learning process by supporting the xAPI and is powered by AI.

Valamis Website


Valamis offers a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) with pricing that is based on the number of learners, contract terms, selected add-ons, and extra services. The starting price is €17,000 per year and includes implementation.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Implement effective testing and assessment mechanisms to gauge learner comprehension and skill acquisition, ensuring the effectiveness of training initiatives.
  • Efficiently monitor and track learners' progress through comprehensive course tracking, ensuring a clear understanding of individual performance.
Learners get recommendations within the platform itself
Learners get recommendations within the platform itself
  • Use robust reporting and statistical tools to extract valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic improvements in the learning environment.

Customer Reviews

On Capterra, a platform dedicated to listing software, we chanced upon an exceptionally positive review by Ville.T:

“One of the best learning platforms and best IT-project that I have led as a customer. The Proof of Concept phase let us know that the software will support us on our core business and after the first year of production use our results were break-through.”

12. OttoLearn

Known for its Award-Winning Gamified Microlearning Platform

Featured Customers Ratings - 4.8/5


OttoLearn offers adaptive, agile microlearning that can stand alone or work with any learning management system (LMS) to improve learner retention. It is used by various types of organizations, including large enterprises, non-profits, public administrations, and small/medium businesses, for purposes such as compliance training and employee training.

It is available as a hosted application, and it can be launched from an xAPI-compliant LMS. The platform is supported on various devices with modern web browsers, and it offers features such as 24/7 support, amazing analytics, and integration with other systems like ADP, API, Okta, OneLogin, and Zapier.

OttoLearn website


OttoLearn offers microlearning plans starting at $250 per month, providing an accessible entry point for organizations seeking impactful training solutions. For enterprises, customized options are available, featuring unlimited learners, unlimited courses, and premium features.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Streamline content creation with the Integrated Content Studio, facilitating fast and easy authoring of microlearning content. This empowers L&D professionals to develop engaging and impactful learning materials efficiently.
  • Boost motivation and participation with gamification elements like leaderboards, points, and rewards. This adds a competitive and rewarding dimension to the learning journey.
OttoLearn's backend studio
OttoLearn's backend studio
  • Tailor learning experiences with AI & adaptive algorithms that automatically deliver personalized content to each learner.
  • L&D can ensure accessibility and flexibility with a mobile-first approach and desktop-friendly delivery.

Customer Reviews

On its official website, we discovered a review from a supervisor, learning and development at a management consulting:

“OttoLearn is one of the most efficient ways to learn material that I have ever used. We all learn differently and I struggle with most LMS systems because they want you to memorize and regurgitate. My brain doesn’t work that way! Finally a way to learn that helps you retain the material with the added bonus of being fun to use!! Employee engagement at its finest.”

13. Slack

A Must-have collaboration tool for a smoother flow of L&D and enterprise-related information

Capterra Ratings - 4.7/5


Slack provides a real-time messaging platform, fostering instant communication and collaboration among team members. This immediacy supports prompt interactions for training discussions, problem-solving, and idea-sharing.

Furthermore, Slack AI, a secure, intuitive tool designed to enhance your team’s productivity offers personalized answers through search, key highlights from channels via recaps, and instant summaries of lengthy threads.

Slack website


Slack offers four pricing tiers: Free, Pro, Business+, and Enterprise. The Pro plan is priced at $8.75 per user per month, or $7.25 per user per month if paid annually. The Business+ plan is priced at $15 per user per month. The Enterprise plan's pricing is available upon contacting their sales team.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Dedicated channels can be created for specific projects, courses, or training modules, streamlining communication and keeping discussions focused. For example, IBM implemented a dedicated Slack channel where employees could ask questions and receive answers from colleagues.
  • Conduct training sessions, workshops, or Q&A sessions directly within Slack using integrations with tools like Zoom or Google Meet. The platform facilitates L&D to share resources, articles, and insights among team members.
  • Develop or integrate bots to deliver microlearning content, answer FAQs, or provide personalized learning recommendations.
Slack's intuitive interface for users
Slack's intuitive interface for users

Customer Reviews

On the website, we found a notable review authored by Matt Beal, Director of Technology Strategy and Architecture, Vodafone:

“Many technology employees were gravitating naturally to Slack. So we followed our users to what has become one of our most important tools.”

14. EdApp

Cost-effective mobile LMS with AI-powered capabilities

Capterra Ratings - 5/5


EdApp is a mobile learning management system (LMS) that offers a range of features to help organizations create and deliver training to their teams. In partnership with UNITAR, EdApp has created Educate All, a free, comprehensive library of world-class, fully editable content for individuals and small businesses looking to upskill themselves.

EdApp integrates with various tools and platforms, such as Degreed, Canva, Gmail, Bamboo HR, Slack, Salesforce, and Cornerstone

EdApp website


EdApp offers a free plan and three paid options: DIY, Managed ($4.95/user/month), and Enterprise. The DIY plan is likely affordable, while the Enterprise plan caters to larger organizations. Explore all features with a 30-day free trial of EdApp Pro.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Create realistic branching scenarios for learners to apply their knowledge in simulated situations.
  • The platform's AI-powered intuitive authoring tool allows anyone, even without technical expertise, to create engaging learning content without coding.
Easy creation of games with EdApp
Easy creation of games with EdApp 
  • Generate detailed reports and gain insights into learner engagement, knowledge gaps, and areas for improvement.

Customer Reviews

Here’s an impressive review we found:

“EdApp is one of the best tools I have used in my capacity as a Training Manager. The ease of usage is great, the support in place is fantastic, moreover,in my opinion working with these Gen Z`s has been very rewarding.”

15. Arist

Best L&D tool to deliver microlearning, training, nudges, and communications in the flow of work

g2 ratings - 4.8/5


Inspired by Stanford research, Arist is designed to meet learners where they are and make learning more accessible and engaging. It is more than a typical LMS or microlearning platform as it has AI-driven comms, nudges, courses, and pathways into one smooth user experience.

Arist Landing page


Arist presents a clear pricing model with two plans: Starter ($9/user/month annually) and Growth ($15/employee/month), offering instant setup, cloud hosting, and advanced features. You’ll get a free trial and sample the Arist course.

Features + L&D Benefits

  • Improve engagement and accessibility by delivering content via SMS, WhatsApp, and email. This ensures a versatile and widespread reach for effective communication with learners.
  • Using AI for efficient course creation, conversion of content formats, and translation can accelerate content development and cater to diverse language needs.
  • Access a diverse library of over 100 pre-built courses, providing a solid foundation for varied learning needs.
Arist's Analytics
Arist's Analytics

Customer Reviews

While looking for what Arist's users say about them, we found a highly positive review on g2 by Alex.F, CEO & Co-founder:

“My team loves Arist because of how flexible it is. Some of us use it for training reinforcement, while others primarily use it for comms and reminders to complete tasks and review material inside Slack, which has made it feel really seamless. Usually, my team and I have to spend time figuring out how to use some new tool, but Arist fits right into our current internal messaging system.”

Some BONUS L&D Tools for Training and Development

As promised, here are some bonus L&D tools that you must try out:

  • Gyde Screenshot Guidance - AI-powered extension that creates quick step-by-step process guides in video and screenshots format.

L&D leaders can use Gyde - To generate SOPs, process documentation or any kind of training material in minutes. They can be further instantly shared or embedded in a knowledge base for easy employee comprehension of application processes.

  • Better Research -  Automatically write emails or get summaries (AI + Google)

L&D Leaders can use Better Research - To get instant answers, definitions, translation by AI-integrated extension for any website, reducing research time.

  • Loopin HQ - Concise meeting summaries & automated recaps

L&D Leaders can use Loopin HQ - To have an conversational assistant fused with web pages, making it easy to switch context within seconds and prepare for upcoming meetings

  • Formula Bot - AI-powered Chrome extension for spreadsheets

L&D Leaders can use Formula Bot - To have ChatGPT like assistant within spreadsheets(Excel or Sheets), making it easy to generate analysis, charts in minutes!

L&D Leaders can use SlideAI.io - To create any topic presentation slides with AI in seconds. Plus, saving extra time by automatically generate sub-titles on each slide page and analyze paragraph to points form.

How to choose the right L&D tools for you?

According to Susan Makinda, a digital learning expert featured in Navigate ‘23, the key to tool selection lies in intentionality. Here are some key takeaways for choosing the perfect L&D tool based on her perspective:

  • Understand the specific learning goals and objectives you want to achieve based on front-end and back-end usage of the tools you are considering.
  • Don’t fall for every other shiny new tool: Instead, assess the existing toolset, whether it's limited or abundant. Consider how well the current tools align with the identified intentions and whether there are any gaps.
  • Prioritize tools that offer flexibility and adaptability to cater to the evolving needs of learners and content creators.
  • Determine the budget allocated for L&D tools. Consider not only the upfront costs but also ongoing maintenance and support fees.
  • Take advantage of trial periods or demo versions to test the tool's features and functionality whenever possible.

Tool Wrap-up: A Quick Glance Back

As we reach the conclusion, let's recap the top L&D tools of 2024 and explore their optimal applications in learning and development.

  • Gyde DAP - Best for swift employee training & onboarding and maximizing ROI across applications.
  • iSpring Suite - Best for intuitive SCORM online courses for adding interactivity in training programs.
  • Talent LMS - Best for easy-to-use and create eLearning courses with pre-built templates training
  • Docebo - Best for L&D who need all-rounded LMS for variety of organizational needs
  • SurveyMonkey - Best for data collection from learners with all sorts of tests, assessments and surveys
  • Animaker - Best for online AI animation generator and video maker
  • Rephrase.ai - Best for creating realistic training videos with digital avatars.
  • Articulate Storyline 360 - Best for maximum customization and personalization while creating instructional training
  • Elucidat - Best for distributing live courses and staying agile for different learning needs.
  • Kahoot! - Best for organizations looking to add gamification and fun into their training programs!
  • Valamis - Best for AI-powered learning solution to extract statistical and analytical insights
  • Ottolearn - Best for including microlearning and mobile-first learning approach
  • Slack - Best for real-time messaging and workplace collaboration amongst employees
  • EdApp - Best for AI-driven, mobile Learning Management Systems (LMS), facilitating code-free learning content creation
  • Arist - Best for flexible learning and efficient course creation

Pick the tool that's the best fit and experience a significant boost in your L&D outcomes!

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How is AI used in L&D?

AI is used in Learning and Development (L&D) to personalize learning experiences, offer adaptive learning paths, automate content creation, provide real-time feedback, and enhance data-driven decision-making.

How do training and development tools contribute to creating an organization's continuous learning culture?

Training and development tools create a culture of continuous organizational learning in several ways.

  • These tools allow the creation of training programs, both offline and online, which help develop the necessary skills and knowledge among employees.
  • They also provide on-the-go access to educational resources, enabling continuous skill enhancement and learning at a comfortable pace.
  • By offering ongoing opportunities for improving performance and adding competencies, these tools help foster a culture of continuous learning, leading to personal and professional growth and enhanced problem-solving abilities.

What are some common learning tools use cases?

  • Onboarding new hires: Provide a comprehensive orientation program to help new employees understand the company culture, policies, and procedures.
  • Reskilling current employees: Offer training programs to help employees acquire new skills and knowledge to adapt to changing job requirements.
  • Educating new customers about your product: Create educational content to help customers understand how to use your product effectively.