In ATD's recent research report on microlearning, many talent and development heads were asked, ‘What could qualify as microlearning content?’.

The answer – according to many professionals in the field, is simple and to the point: anything that's 13 minutes and low.

If you think about it, in just 13 minutes, employees could learn a lot. They could watch bite-sized videos, read concise texts, click through interactive pop-ups, listen to micro-podcasts, or engage with visually appealing infographics.

Truly, microlearning caters to the diverse needs of modern-day workforce training, promoting employee training retention and encouraging better work performance.

But let’s not forget: Making short content isn't as easy as it seems. It demands the art of condensing complex information into manageable bits (which is much simpler) if you have the right set of tools and strategies handy.

So, we're here to help you find the best microlearning tools, giving you a quick brief about how they work, what they offer, and what people say about them.

In this blog, we'll cover:

  • What is Microlearning?
  • What are Microlearning Platforms?
  • Why should you invest in a Microlearning Platform?
  • What to Look for in Microlearning Platforms
  • The Top 17 Microlearning Platforms to Check Out

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a learning strategy for training and development professionals to deliver content in small, focused segments. Employees are provided with bite-sized modules instead of lengthy courses that might take several days to complete.

This scientific-backed approach focuses on creating short, digestible lessons for employees to consume at their own pace.

What is a Microlearning Platform?

A microlearning platform is a digital corporate tool designed to deliver learning content in small, easily digestible units. It also focuses on breaking down complex information into bite-sized modules.

These microlearning modules typically range from a few minutes to around 10 minutes. By taking this approach, L&D leaders can prevent overwhelming their employees and reduce technostress stemming from information overload.

Microlearning platforms leverage various media formats, such as videos, interactive quizzes, infographics, and short articles, to convey information efficiently in small chunks.

Why should you invest in a microlearning platform?

Investing in a microlearning platform can be a strategic decision for various reasons, each contributing to a more efficient and effective learning experience.

Let's delve into the benefits of such an investment:

Time Efficiency

  • Microlearning platforms facilitate swift training for employees. As the content is broken down into bite-sized modules, learners can easily absorb information on the go.
  • This approach fosters consistency and eliminates the need for procrastination, resulting in a more sustainable learning trajectory.

What does this mean for L&D? The resultant impact of microlearning will reflect directly in employee performance—an essential metric for L&D assessment.

Plus, including AI-powered microlearning platforms in the mix promotes learning and relieves the burden on training departments, thereby saving valuable time.

Improved Retention

  • Microlearning prioritizes delivering precise, focused content, a proven strategy to boost information retention.
  • Research indicates that the brain processes and retains knowledge more effectively when presented in a structured, easily accessible format.

What does this mean for L&D? It means creating training that sticks around longer.

With the right microlearning tools at your disposal, you can maximize the reuse of training materials, ensuring lasting impact and skill development.

On-Demand Learning

  • In today's VUCA(volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment, accessing the right learning materials can be daunting due to the abundance of information and diverse learning schedules.
  • Embracing microlearning platforms, where learners can engage at their own pace and convenience, is a best practice worth adopting.

What does this mean for L&D? When L&D professionals are tasked with creating training for remote teams and individuals, microlearning platforms come in handy. They make it easy to access all the short training sessions from anywhere.

What Should You Look for in a Microlearning Platform?

1. Content Variety

A robust microlearning platform should support diverse content formats, including videos, infographics, quizzes, and interactive simulations. This ensures that learners engage with content in various ways, catering to different learning preferences.

2. Mobile Accessibility

Given the prevalence of mobile devices, the platform should be accessible on smartphones and tablets. This ensures that learners can access microlearning content anytime, anywhere, promoting on-the-go learning and flexibility.

3. User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for both administrators and learners. Look for a platform that is easy to navigate, with clear instructions and a design that promotes a positive user experience.

4. Personalization and Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning features allow platforms to personalize content based on learner’s needs. Among the platforms on the list, some solutions combine the power of  adaptive learning platforms & microlearning platforms and allow you to tailor instructional content, pace, and assessments based on the individual's progress.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights into learner progress, content effectiveness, and areas needing improvement. Look for a platform that offers robust analytics and reporting tools to track performance and make data-driven decisions.

Top 15 Microlearning Platforms Worth Checking Out

1. Gyde

Best For

Providing bite-sized application guidance in the Flow of Work

How does it work?

  • Gyde is more than just a microlearning platform; it's a digital adoption platform that integrates with any enterprise’s cloud-based or web-based applications to simplify application training & onboarding.
  • Through Gyde’s micro-content delivery system, featuring audio-visual walkthroughs and contextual help articles, employees can consume training material right where they work. This means they can learn whenever they want to, without having to leave the application they're using.
Employees see screen pop-ups within Gyde's walkthrough flow, aiding them to input accurate data
Employees see screen pop-ups within Gyde's walkthrough flow, aiding them in inputting accurate data
  • Driven by AI, there's no need to physically author the help content during the development of walkthroughs and instructional articles; it will be autonomously generated based on the processes.
  • With its no-code platform, it empowers training creators to create step-by-step guides effortlessly through a drag-and-drop interface, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.

Standout Features

  • Highlighting Walkthrough Critical Step: While creating step-by-step walkthroughs, Gyde allows you to highlight essential application steps. This aids learners in navigating processes efficiently, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or overlooking crucial actions.
  • Delivering Micro-Process Videos: Employees get bite-sized process videos within the application. Additionally, these concise 1-2 minute micro-clips are created from existing walkthroughs, making them super easy to create. Further facilitating better understanding and retention.
Gyde presents micro-videos during employee workflow
Gyde presents micro-videos during employee workflow
  • Localizing Training with Multilingual Help: Last-mile employees can better understand training concepts when they can translate them on the spot. Additionally, training administrators can further localize the material by adding voiceovers with suitable accents from the backend.
  • Knowing the Bottlenecks with Analytics: Understand which walkthroughs/help articles have the highest drop-off rate or which training resources are not being completed so you can continuously optimize them.


Gyde doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. The Gyde team assists you at every step, from initial setup to ongoing optimization. You can get a customized quote for your enterprise, ensuring you only pay for the features and services that matter most to your learning objectives.

Customer Reviews

Among Gyde’s top clients, there’s Bajaj Finserv, Chola, and Upside LMS.

Here’s a review by Jyoti Bajpai, L&D, SUD Life Insurance, that reflects Gyde's consistent delivery of high-quality customer experiences.

“Gyde proved instrumental in our initial Salesforce implementation. Its intuitive guidance and tailored support significantly boosted our team's adoption rates, making the transition seamless. Gyde's user-friendly interface and personalized assistance were key factors in managing change effectively, fostering a culture of rapid learning, and maximizing the potential of Salesforce within our organization.”

2. Axonify

Best For

Microlearning enablement platform for frontline learning, communications, and operations

How does it work?

  • Axonify delivers information in short, digestible chunks called "microbursts," typically lasting 3-5 minutes. This caters to the busy schedules of frontline workers and aligns with how the human brain best retains information.
  • The platform uses AI to personalize the learning experience for each employee. It considers factors like role, performance, and preferences. It learns what type of content employees engage with most and delivers similar formats.
  • To make learning fun and engaging, Axonify incorporates game elements like points, badges, and leaderboards. This encourages healthy competition and motivates employees to complete training modules.

Standout Features

  • Robust Data Collection - Axonify collects over 5,000 pieces of data on each user per year, which further helps you use this collected data to measure the impact of any training initiatives in-depth.
  • Content Variety & Customization: Axonify offers various content formats, such as videos, quizzes, simulations, and even games. Additionally, you can create custom content specific to your organization's needs.


Unfortunately, Axonify does not offer a free trial or a free plan. Their pricing is custom-quoted based on your organization's specific needs and requirements. This means that you'll need to contact their sales team for a personalized quote.

Customer Reviews

Axonify boasts esteemed clients, including Walmart, Southeastern Grocers, and rue21.

Here's a compelling review we found on g2 by Ramesh. S, Associate Director, Core Skills and Capabilities, Field Medical CoE, GMSA that caught our attention:

“Axonify is truly user friendly, easy to use, reliable, and it's fun! When you had fun in learning, everyone comes back and participates. Because the tool is designed for employee who are on the move, it works for everyone. Axonify touches many facets of modern way of learning from personalization, adaptive, gamification, anywhere/anytime (mobile), and easy to use. Also, the support received from Axonify staff is amazing.”

3. Skillsoft Percepio

Best For

Immersive online learning platform for C-level executives & L&D leaders to ensure the ongoing relevance of their workforce

How does it work?

  • Skillsoft Percipio is easily available through the organization's learning portal or the Percipio mobile app. Employees can browse the extensive content library using keywords, categories, curated learning paths, or AI-powered recommendations based on their skills and interests.
  • It enables leaders to manage their users, assign training programs, track progress, and access detailed analytics to measure the impact of the training initiatives.
  • Employees can choose from various learning formats like video courses, audiobooks, ebooks, hands-on labs, live online classes, and more.

Standout Features

  • Skill Benchmarking Assessments - Provides a clear evaluation of current skill levels, helping organizations tailor their learning paths for more targeted development.
  • Course Q/A Discussion - Users can ask questions and clarify their course knowledge from others who have completed the course, allowing a more collaborative learning experience.


Percipio follows a subscription-based model, offering organizations complimentary trials to explore the platform's capabilities. Individuals can access the platform starting at ₹975 per month.

Enterprises interested in Percipio can receive a tailored quote after a demo call, ensuring a customized solution that aligns with their specific needs and requirements.

Customer Reviews

Among Percipio's prominent clients are major companies like Johnson & Johnson, Apexon, and Lexmark. Here’s an impressive review we came across on g2 by Manoj P., Senior Design Engineer:

“Percipio provides trainings and skill based courses from various domains. Initially you can select fields of your interest and based on selection it recommands courses best suited for you.Courses are well designed and graphical presentation is also helps in understanding the topic.”

4. 7taps

Best For

Organizations looking to boost learner engagement and motivation through bite-sized training content.

How does it work?

  • 7taps is a micro-learning platform with intuitive authoring tools or pre-built templates that help L&D managers create short and engaging lessons easily.
  • Integrate it with popular communication and collaboration platforms. Plus, learners can access content even without an internet connection.
  • Send your lessons through Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp, QR codes, email, or SMS.
  • Keep track of how well learners are doing with detailed reports and stats.

Standout Features

  • Story-based microlearning: 7Taps allows the creation of story-based microlearning content, effectively delivering narrative information.
  • Quick Content Generation: 7Taps provides a quick content generation tool, allowing users to create and share content rapidly, making it a convenient option for showcasing skills and knowledge to potential employers


The Freemium plan offers limited features for individual users. Paid plans start from $19 per user per month, with various tiers and features. Customizable quotes are available for enterprise-level needs.

Customer Reviews

CHG Healthcare, Pliancy, and Berkeley College are just a few of the esteemed clients partnered with 7Taps.

Here's a review we found on g2 by Jose H. that left a lasting impression:

“I've tried multiple "microlearning" platforms and keep going back to 7taps. It has a simple yet beautiful design, which makes it super easy to create engaging content very easily and quickly. I love their amazing customer support and community. They are always adding features and listening to their customers for feedback. One of the best things about 7taps is how easy it is to share the content with the users.”

5. Qstream

Best For

Sales training teams and learning professionals who seek to reduce training time and enhance knowledge retention

How does it work?

  • Qstream is an enterprise microlearning app that provides scenario-based challenges for real-world extensive real-time analytics, effective coaching, and risk aversion.
  • It offers in-depth, immediate feedback for proficiency and is designed to boost job performance through engagement.
  • The user-friendly platform allows learning and development (L&D) initiatives to be carried out at scale within an organization.
  • Qstream's assessment-based technology complements overall learning management systems and ensures job performance improvement

Standout Features

  • Spaced Repetition - Qstream emphasizes active recall, where you retrieve information from memory instead of passively recognizing it. This strengthens neural connections and improves long-term memory.
  • Knowledge Reinforcement - Qstream employs diverse question formats like multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and drag-and-drop, keeping learners challenged and preventing rote memorization.
  • Scenario-based testing - This feature goes beyond traditional multiple-choice tests and helps you simulate real-world situations right on the job.


For pricing information, it is recommended to contact Qstream directly as pricing details are not readily available on their website.

Customer Reviews

With Sanofi, Providence & ValleyHealth on its client roster, Qstream has garnered attention.

Here's a review that we found on g2 by Brajesh S. particularly compelling:

“Qstream is a unique platform that imparts knowledge to the participants along with imparting knowledge as well. The participants can check their competence level on a particular topic, and at the same time, they get an explanation on that topic as well. It is an error-free platform, and after using it for almost a year, never came across any technical glitches. The reports generated are quite insightful and allow you to analyze the desired results. It can be done question-wise, score-wise, participant-wise, therapy-wise, you name it, and it is there.”

6. Talentcards

Best For

Generating microlearning courses on the spot, complete with text and unique images.

How does it work?

  • TalentCards lets you create microlearning courses, also known as card sets, through the cloud-based platform. You can add text, images, videos, and even quizzes to your cards.
  • Users, in a competitive spirit, strive for points and rankings, turning the training process into an engaging game.
  • A sophisticated spaced-repetition algorithm further enhances the learning journey, intelligently adjusting to display unfamiliar cards more frequently.

Standout Features

  • AI-powered course creation - Just type any topic you want to create training on, and the AI-powered platform will generate quick course content.
  • Automated notifications - You can set up rules to send reminders to your users regarding training completion, progress, and review.


TalentCards offers a free trial. Paid plans start at $50 per month. You can also request a custom quote for your organization.

Customer Reviews

Distinguished clients like The Schindler Group, Humane, and Welkoop align with TalentCard's success.

Take a moment to read this compelling review Shea S., Global Manager for Learning Deployment, Medical Devices:

“From a Learners perspective, the platform is a great utility for e-learning. This platform is great for hyper learning on the go with an easy-to-use philosophy.”

7. Master-O

Best For

Organizations who need an LMS platform that focuses on enhancing learner retention through microlearning and gamification

How does it work?

  • Supervisors can wield the power to adapt existing content into bite-sized, interactive courses. Each representative receives a personalized learning path, ensuring targeted development.
  • Managers leverage Master-O to seamlessly onboard sales executives, enhancing their product knowledge and skills
  • Master-O integrates seamlessly with third-party CRM, ERP, HRMS, or LMS applications, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency.

Standout Features

  • Role-Based Sales Enablement - Offers role-based sales enablement that helps businesses create customized learning paths for their teams based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Interactive Microlearning - The platform offers interactive content such as quizzes, games, and simulations to engage learners and reinforce their knowledge.
  • Video-Based Sales Coaching - Provides video-based sales coaching that allows businesses to create and share video content with their teams.


Experience the full spectrum of Master-O's capabilities with a complimentary 14-day trial period. For a tailored approach that aligns with your specific needs, reach out directly to Master-O to receive a personalized quote.

Customer Reviews

Master-O counts Axis Bank, Telenor, and ICICI Prudential among its distinguished clients.

Here's a review where Sabyasachi C. mentioned what they liked the most after using Master-O on g2:

“1.)Categorized view to user base which shows which courses are new, already completed, or in progress. 2.)Game-based assessments - They have plenty of options there 3.)Immediate deployment of content and assessments to users”

8. EdApp

Best For

Creating easy and user-friendly mobile learning experiences

How does it work?

  • EdApp offers a variety of pre-built courses that can be edited or customized, and it also allows users to create their own courses.
  • The platform is easy to use and accessible on various devices, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their learning and training experience.
  • Edapp is a one-stop platform for creating, tracking, and sharing courses. It also offers gamification features, social learning, and peer-to-peer learning.

Standout Features

  • AI Create - Create courses using Gen AI, bypassing writer's block that your training creators might encounter. Start by typing an appropriate prompt.
  • Brain Boost - This feature follows the principles of spaced repetition, highlighting learned content until your learners understand it.
  • Template Library - Reduce the time it takes to create courses by 50% using our template library. Select from 80+ templates for seamless navigation through quizzes, games, videos, and more with just taps, swipes, and matches.


EdApp is free for teams of any size, and it is a proud partner of the United Nations, offering free course access to learners worldwide. If a company wants an LMS for more than 500 users, they must book a demo and get a custom price quote.

Customer Reviews

An enterprise manager, Rehan A. reviewed Edapp on g2, a software listing site:

“Edapp has very useful options that could be easily used. It is very easy to use. Very helpful in keeping track of the learning. it provides certificates and makes life so much easier if you are a trainer and want to train someone in an interactive way.”

9. Code of Talent

Best For

Organizations who need a learning experience platform (LXP) for delivering personalized learning in minutes.

How does it work?

Code of Talent operates based on four fundamental principles:

  • Learning is made flexible and adaptable to the individual's lifestyle with its self-paced feature, accessible through mobile and various devices.
  • Instructor and/or manager assistance is provided to expedite learning and facilitate change by offering expert feedback and evaluations.
  • Collaborative and peer-to-peer learning is facilitated through its social aspect.
  • The incorporation of gamification elements aims to enhance engagement, create a sense of progress, and foster a feeling of accomplishment.

Standout Features

  • Microlearning journey templates - It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize learning journeys for each employee. This means that employees will only see content that is relevant to their needs and goals.
  • Actionable tasks - It allows you to create actionable tasks that employees can complete to apply their learning in the real world. This can help to ensure that employees are actually using what they learn.
  • Measurable engagement and completion rates: Code of Talent allows you to measure employee engagement and completion rates so that you can track the effectiveness of your training programs.


Code of Talent offers a free trial so that you can try out the platform before you buy it.

It offers paid plans with custom pricing. This means that you can get a plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

Customer Reviews

Notable clients such as Ascendis, Door International, and Human Development Solutions have experienced transformative benefits with Code of Talent.

A review on the platform's website highlights its impact:

“Code of Talent has transformed our business processes on multiple fronts! It helps us ensure the participants apply what they learn during our training sessions, which, in turn, leads to happy customers and high customer satisfaction. It also helps us win new and exciting projects within the digital environment, which we could not have gained access to otherwise. Last but not least, microlearning has become a significant income source for Ascendis.”

10. Gnowbe

Best For

Training professionals who need an authoring tool to create group-based microlearning experiences.

How does it work?

  • Gnowbe also provides a free, award-winning microlearning creator tool that enables users to create interactive, group-based learning experiences in minutes.
  • The platform empowers organizations to scale human, experiential, participatory learning on mobile devices, moving learning from 'knowing' to 'learn-by-doing' and 'learn-by-teaching.'
  • It offers a subscription-based microlearning library with over 300 courses from world-renowned experts, allowing users to earn certifications from top institutions in just 10 minutes a day.

Standout Features

  • Gnowbe Search Library: Access to this feature provides users with the ability to search their courses. This library offers a wealth of additional content, further enriching the learning experience by providing additional references.
  • Video Integration: It allows users to record, upload, or link videos directly within the platform.
  • Built-in Messaging Feature: This facilitates real-time interaction, allowing learners and instructors to connect, share information, and discuss course-related topics effortlessly.


Gnowbe offers various pricing plans to suit different needs. The Starter plan starts at $29 per month. Enterprises can get in touch with their team directly to get a customized quote. On the free plan, you get unlimited time and can use it as a free trial and upgrade as needed.

Customer Reviews

Gnowbe boasts a client roster that includes General Mills, CityMart, and others.

A review featured on the platform's website attests to the platform's ability:

“Gnowbe looks great and is easy for employees to use. The team behind Gnowbe is super responsive with any questions and are always helpful and patient. As an HR person with limited technology skills, this program was easy for me to quickly get content to my employees without me having to try to figure out how to build an app on my own.”

11. Edume

Best For

Deskless workforce that needs bite-sized learning content, messages, surveys, and videos

How does it work?

  • Edume inspires individuals to excel in their professional roles by delivering training that seamlessly integrates into their work routines, accessible anytime, anywhere through their devices.
  • Emphasizing frontline training for precise customer interaction, Edume employs diverse learning methods, including microlearning and collaborative features, to captivate and engage users effectively.
  • With the integration of Edume AI, L&D heads gain control over training content creation timelines, facilitating more efficient and scalable content production.

Standout Features

  • Content Builder App: Use our intuitive Content Builder app on iOS and Android. Generate Guides effortlessly with eduMe AI or explore ready-made templates for quick inspiration.
  • Seamless Link Technology: Break training barriers with eduMe's Seamless Link tech. No extra logins needed, whether you're accessing content through the app or elsewhere.
  • Scenario Videos for Engagement: Boost training impact with Scenario Videos. These videos stimulate critical thinking, enhance engagement, and ensure long-term retention of training content.


Edume does not offer a free trial or a free version. Instead, they encourage interested users to reach out for a personalized demo, during which they will discuss pricing tailored to the specific training requirements.

Customer Reviews

Enterprise-level security and reliability, with clients such as Uber, Marriott, GrubHub, Vodafone, and Deloitte trusting Edume to keep their data safe.

We found a review on g2 by Adam Z., Training Manager, Enterprise:

“eduMe allows training topics to be broken down into small, digestible chunks that learners can view on mobile devices wherever they are. This helps reach our geographically dispersed employee base to provide them with the quality training content they need to succeed.”

12. iSpring Learn

Best For

Organizations that want to create their own custom eLearning content for onboarding, upskilling, and certifying employees

How does it work?

  • iSpring Learn can be easily set up by administrators, adding users, creating and uploading courses, designing learning paths, and configuring settings.
  • Users enroll in courses or learning paths assigned to them or choose ones themselves based on their needs.
  • Users access course materials, complete assessments, and participate in learning activities. The system tracks progress and completion data.
  • It then helps administrators generate reports and analyze data to measure the effectiveness of training programs and make adjustments as needed.

Standout Features

  • Rapid Microlearning Course Creation: Craft microlearning courses swiftly using iSpring Learn. Utilize existing materials like videos, slides, articles, and how-tos, or build creatively with iSpring's exceptional authoring tool.
  • Video Lectures: Enhance your courses with engaging video lectures, adding a dynamic element to your training content.
  • Dialog Simulations: Foster interactive learning experiences with dialog simulations, providing a realistic and engaging training environment.
  • Quizzes and Surveys: Assess and easily gather insights using iSpring's feature-rich quizzes and surveys, enhancing the overall learning experience.


You can start the 30-day Free Trial of iSpring Learn and see if it covers your needs.

The pricing structure is user-centric, starting from plans accommodating 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1000 users. The 300-user plan begins at $2.29 USD per user per month, billed annually.

If your user count exceeds 1000, kindly request a demo for personalized assistance.

Customer Reviews

IBM, AT&T, Dell are some of the top clients of iSpring Suite:

Here’s a positive review we found by Derek. M on g2:

“Having only the Starter level of iSpring Learn and iSpring Suite Max, I can still say that iSpring Learn has many capabilities. Between gamification, reports, user management, learning material storage, and organization, and creating learning tracks for various departments, iSpring learn has changed the path for our organization - and just in time for expansion. This will be an invaluable tool for our growth. My favorite feature is the easy and fast creation of lesson pages right from the online portal for both macro and microlearning. The drag and drop functionality paired with the sleek and visually appealing UI is wonderful.”

13. Digemy

Best For

Organizations that want to make learning more fun and interactive with micro-challenges and games to engage employees.

How does it work?

  • Digemy lets training administrators initiate the process by creating or uploading learning content. Learners then engage with learning nuggets and tackle challenges.
  • The system tracks and analyzes performance based on learner responses and interactions. Digemy goes a step further by dynamically adapting the learning journey, presenting relevant content, challenges, and spaced repetitions for an optimized experience.
  • Learning progress and knowledge retention are methodically measured through comprehensive reports and assessments. Digemy ensures a professional and data-driven approach to enhance the learning experience.

Standout Features

  • Microlearning: Digemy delivers bite-sized learning modules called "learning nuggets" that take only minutes to complete. This aligns with modern attention spans and allows for learning on the go.
  • Gamification: The platform incorporates game mechanics like points, badges, and leaderboards to make learning fun and competitive, driving engagement and motivation.
  • Adaptive Learning: Digemy uses algorithms to analyze learner performance and personalize the learning journey. This ensures individual focus on areas requiring improvement.


Information regarding a free trial or pricing is unavailable on the official website. It is recommended that they contact their team for the relevant details.

Customer Reviews

Capitec, Informa, Weylandts, Mukuru are some of the renowned clients that Digemy has.

On g2, software listing site, we found a positive testimonial from Vincent R., Founder, Consulting from a Small-Business:

“I loved Digemy's individualized learning approach, and their data-driven feedback is brilliant in helping me analyze my progress. I also like the gamification of the learning experience, it really motivated me through the courses.”

14. OttoLearn

Best For

Frontline employees who need a gamified microlearning experience

How does it work?

  • Ottolearn lets you create the learning content and set goals. Then, each learner gets their own goals set in a "Mastery Profile."
  • The learners undergo short Training Sessions chosen by a smart algorithm. How well they do and how confident they feel influences their mastery levels.
  • Ottolearn gives feedback and offers extra resources to help learners improve. All progress and data are carefully tracked for analysis, making adjusting and enhancing the learning process easy.

Standout Features

  • Training in small chunks: Learners participate in 2-minute Training Sessions consisting of various activities tailored to their individual needs.
  • Mastery Levels: Each learner has a personalized "Mastery Level" for each topic, indicating their grasp of the information. Activities aim to raise it towards a predefined goal.
  • Personalized Activities: OttoLearn utilizes an adaptive learning algorithm to choose activities based on a learner's past performance and mastery levels, focusing on improvement areas.


Ottolearn doesn't offer a free trial, but you can schedule a demo call to explore its functionality. Microlearning plans begin at $250 per month when billed annually.

Customer Reviews

Nisaan, Neovation, and Payworks are some of its notable clients.

A review we found on a featured customer's website through an anonymous user is as follows:

“It is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master.”


Best For

Delivering operational training to employees on the frontline through AI-powered employee experience platform

How does it work?

Yoobic operates seamlessly through the following steps:

  • Training admins first set up the platform and curate content. Subsequently, employees effortlessly access the platform using their mobile devices.
  • Once on board, employees engage in tasks, foster communication with colleagues, and conveniently access learning materials.
  • As they interact, performance data is meticulously collected and analyzed.
  • To ensure optimal outcomes, Yoobic Admins continuously monitor progress and make informed adjustments based on valuable insights.

Standout Features

  • Task management: Teams receive, update, and track tasks in one place, ensuring clarity and accountability.
  • Microlearning Access: Bite-sized training modules delivered in context and on the go. Learn anytime, anywhere, even without internet connectivity.
  • Digital checklists and audits: Ensure consistent execution of standards and procedures for improved compliance and quality.


The website doesn’t disclose any free trial or detailed pricing information.

Customer Reviews

YOOBIC doesn't publicly disclose their clients, but through its testimonials we figured its top customers to be Logitech, SMCP, Pixi, Alnatura.

Here’s a review we found on Capterra by Marion A., CEO in the Cosmetics industry:

“Yoobic has been a game changer for our operations. We have more visibility into field activity, communicate easier with our field team, and onboard and train our team faster on new procedures and products.”

Incorporate Microlearning into Software Training through DAP

As discussed earlier, you are now acquainted with a digital adoption platform – Gyde.

It’s designed to aid training professionals in creating micro-guides for application training.

Gyde's intuitive interface and standout features combine the power of on-the-job training & microlearning, eliminating the need for employees to juggle multiple tabs or attend in-person training sessions.

With just a few clicks, employees can easily complete their software training and onboarding and master any enterprise application. Adding to its merits:

  • Gyde is certified to comply with all data privacy and protection standards, including GDPR and ISO, ensuring the security of your information.
  • The customer turnaround time is swift, and the team is prepared to address your organization's needs.

But don't just take our word for it - experience how Gyde uplifts your training & onboarding with micro-doses of content. Book a free demo today!

Gyde banner


What are the best microlearning platforms in 2024?

Here the list of the best microlearning platforms and what they are best for:

  1. Gyde: A DAP that offers step-by-step micro-guidance during work tasks.
  2. Axonify: Facilitates frontline learning, communication, and operational efficiency.
  3. Skillsoft Percepio: Provides immersive learning experiences tailored for L&D executives.
  4. 7taps: Enhances learner engagement and motivation with short training content.
  5. Qstream: Ideal for sales teams aiming to streamline training and improve knowledge retention.
  6. Talentcards: Creates instant microlearning courses with text and custom images.
  7. Master-O: LMS platform prioritising+ learner retention through microlearning and gamification.

What is the difference between microlearning and eLearning?

Microlearning focuses on delivering small, focused learning units that can be consumed quickly, typically targeted at specific learning objectives. On the other hand, eLearning encompasses a broader range of educational activities delivered electronically, including courses, modules, and resources, often spanning longer durations and covering more comprehensive topics.

When should microlearning be used?

Reach for microlearning when:

  • Sharpening specific skills: Bitesize chunks for focused mastery.
  • Aiding on-the-job: Quick references and troubleshooting guides.
  • Boosting knowledge: Spaced repetition to combat forgetting.
  • Encouraging continuous learning: Bite-sized learning bursts for busy schedules.
  • Engaging diverse learners: Varied formats to cater to different styles.

But remember:

  • Not ideal for complex topics.
  • Lacks social interaction.
  • Careful planning needed to avoid overload.