Is the question “What will improve our workplace training?” a constant in your mind?  If so, the notion of adaptive learning might have piqued your interest.

To inform you of its benefit – employees complete their training courses 33% faster when adaptivity is integrated into the programs, as per a recent statistic.

However, the road to agile and adaptive learning has challenges. Many employees find themselves overwhelmed by the complex nature of digital applications, making traditional methods like training manuals and slideshows ineffective and potentially time-taking.

In response, embracing forward-thinking solutions, such as adaptive learning platforms, becomes crucial for HR and L&D leaders aiming to enhance knowledge retention and practical application.

We understand that in the early stages of research, some may perceive adaptive learning as more of a theoretical concept – unable to figure out its practical use cases in the business landscape.

But fret not! We will be exploring what adaptive learning is and why it's useful. We will also introduce the top adaptive learning platforms with their key strengths and target use cases.

Let's take a look at what's in store:

  • What Challenges Does Adaptive Learning Address?
  • How Does Adaptive Learning Work?
  • Examples of Adaptive Learning
  • What is an Adaptive Learning Platform?
  • Why Do You Need an Adaptive Learning Platform?
  • 9 Best Adaptive Learning Platforms for Corporate Training
  • How to Choose an Adaptive Learning Platform?

What Challenges Does Adaptive Learning Address?

Adaptive learning is a smart approach that corporate training experts can include in their employee training and development approaches. This means using technology to personalize and optimize the learning experience for employees.

Use Adaptive learning to solve the following training challenges:

  • Pacing issues in training courses
  • Difficulty navigating content that is either too challenging or overly linear
  • Lack of insight into the preferences of individual learners

There are software applications that can help you overcome all of these hurdles. But we'll get to that in a bit.

How does Adaptive Learning Work?

Adaptive learning uses a type of machine learning algorithm designed to adjust their behaviour based on the changing conditions and input data. In training and development, using Artificial intelligence(ChatGPT) has already made creating training materials faster. But with adaptive learning, it takes things up a notch. It lets the system keep getting better over time by learning from its experiences.

Here’s the process it follows:

  • Adaptive learning algorithms start by collecting data, which serves as the input for training and refining the model.
  • The algorithm begins with an initial model that serves as a starting point.
  • This model is trained using the initial dataset to make predictions or classifications.
  • Feedback acts as a form of explicit user reactions, labeled data, or other signals that indicate the correctness or appropriateness of the model's predictions.
  • Based on the feedback received, the adaptive learning algorithm adjusts its internal parameters or structure to improve its performance.

Note: Consider adaptive learning as a valuable tool in your training program, but not the sole one. When integrated with other employee training methods and tools, you can optimize benefits by adjusting and expanding your solutions.

Examples of Adaptive Learning in Training Initiatives

  • Training modules that employees can go through at their own pace, choosing the subjects they prefer (while restricting access to areas requiring specific skills)
  • Course designs adjusted for accessibility, such as using varied fonts and language that make employees feel inclusive
  • Training for soft skills assessing employees' emotional intelligence (EQ) and providing additional training in identified areas of improvement
  • Surveys pinpointing challenges in employee performance to target training efforts effectively
  • Problem-solving courses incorporating choose-your-own adventure-style options, each choice leading to different paths

What is an Adaptive Learning Platform?

An Adaptive Learning Platform is a technologically advanced tool that facilitates personalized learning experiences. It employs adaptive learning algorithms and data analytics to tailor instructional content, pace, and assessments according to each learner's individual needs and progress.

These platforms aim for continuous improvement by updating the model with new data and refining its predictions or recommendations.

Why Do You Need an Adaptive Learning Platform?

  • Cost-effective Training & Onboarding - Adaptive learning platforms can save costs over time. The efficiency gains, reduced need for extensive training periods, and improved outcomes may lead to a more cost-effective training process.
  • Flexibility in Learning - The ability to access training materials anytime, anywhere is one of the best benefits of adaptive learning platforms. This is particularly advantageous for remote or distributed workforce scenarios.
  • Rapid Application Mastery - For new applications you want learners to grasp, adaptive learning consistently evaluates a learner's performance and adapts the content accordingly. This continuous feedback loop identifies areas for improvement, ensuring individuals master concepts before progressing.
  • Make Training Programs Fun -Interactive & AI-powered features, gamification elements, and real-time feedback make learning more engaging. This is especially crucial in keeping learners motivated and interested, contributing to better overall outcomes.
  • Data-Driven Training Improvement - Adaptive learning platforms generate valuable data on learner progress and performance. This data can inform training professionals, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and brush up on learning materials.

Top 9 Adaptive Learning Platforms for Corporate Training

1. Gyde

Gyde's digital adoption platform is a strategic ally for optimizing your employee software training, on-the-job productivity, and the overall data quality of your software applications. The platform assists your employees as they navigate through applications and promptly address their queries in real-time.

Incorporating adaptive learning at its core, Gyde offers a range of features, including audio-visual walkthroughs and informative help articles, allowing employees to learn easily as they perform their tasks. Plus, employees can access guides based on their roles and experience, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

As a result, you’ll see shortened employee learning curves and improved work performance.

Key Strengths

  • In-App Employee Assistance -  The platform's no-code walkthrough creator enables the quick generation of in-app walkthroughs, easing the employee journey from one step to the next. These step-by-step guides smartly provide context-specific guidance, aligning with the user actions performed within the application.
  • Access to Company Knowledge Base - The convenient quick-access widget on the screen allows users to tap into many knowledge base help articles. These proactively appear based on the user’s action, making it intuitive for employees who want to avoid needing tab-switching or calling IT support to access help.
  • Track Help Content - Within the adaptive learning framework, Gyde enables administrators to dynamically analyze step funnels, identifying specific walkthroughs with notable user drop-offs through its analytics feature. This can further help them make necessary adjustments to the help content.
  • Auto Assist for Proficient Users: The Assist Mode feature provides immediate help when users face challenges in the app, such as entering details. This assistance enables problem-solving without interrupting the user's workflow, intervening only when needed – making it a valuable feature for post-training.
  • Multilingual Support: Employees can auto-translate help content into various languages to ensure consistent training across your global workforce.
Gyde is accessible with a help icon – allowing users to access resources and translate content into any language.
Gyde is accessible with a help icon – allowing users to access resources and translate content into any language.

Target Use Cases

  • New Hires Onboard Seamlessly: Guide them with personalized walkthroughs and instant knowledge access within the digital application. Make your onboarding a smooth, confusing-free journey for the new hire with Gyde.
  • Software Adoption Soars: Make new software applications easy to learn without separate training. With interactive guides and proactive support, Gyde ensures your tech investments deliver real results.
  • Learning Never Stops: Keep your team sharp with bite-sized learning modules and easily searchable knowledge. Create a learning culture as Gyde helps employees master applications and reach their full potential.

Customer Reviews

Below is a review of Gyde by Jyoti Bajpai, DVP at Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance -

“Gyde proved instrumental in our initial Salesforce implementation. Its intuitive guidance and tailored support significantly boosted our team's adoption rates, making the transition seamless. Gyde's user-friendly interface and personalized assistance were key factors in managing change effectively, fostering a culture of rapid learning, and maximizing the potential of Salesforce within our organization.”

2. Rise Up

RiseUp is a versatile 3-in-1 platform that integrates a Learning Management System (LMS), a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), and an authoring tool. The platform is designed to create a dynamic and impactful learning journey, combining traditional training course creation and distribution with innovative features.

It provides a 30-day free trial, allowing users to explore the full spectrum of its capabilities. The platform's pricing is tailored to meet diverse training needs, ensuring that organizations can choose plans that align with their requirements and budget.

Key Strengths

  • Blended Learning Paths: RiseUp offers a holistic approach combining various learning methods to create a comprehensive training experience.
  • Data Lab Tool: Gain a smarter view of clients' training performance with the Data Lab tool, offering weekly reports, engagement monitoring, and skill development insights through customizable dashboards.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Detect issues and disengagement quickly with real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring prompt action for a seamless learning experience.

Target use cases

  • Training Providers: RiseUp caters to the diverse needs of training providers, offering a comprehensive platform to enhance their offerings.
  • Construction and Manufacturing: Industries with specific regulatory training requirements benefit from RiseUp's effective management and delivery of training programs.
  • Finance: RiseUp excels in regulatory training management, making it an ideal solution for the finance sector, where compliance is crucial.
  • Transportation and Logistics: The platform's collaborative training features and efficient task management make it well-suited for the dynamic needs of the transportation and logistics industry.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a positive review we found on Capterra:

“Trainers (=subject matter experts) need only a 45 min e-learning to be enabled to create their own blended learning modules online. LCMS / e-Learning creation: Creating e-learning modules as part of the blended learning courses is done online without using Scorm authoring tools like Articulate 360.”

3. RapL

RapL is a cloud-based platform that transforms how companies train their employees. It leverages the power of microlearning – delivering knowledge in bite-sized, engaging nuggets – combined with AI-powered personalization and gamification elements to create a truly impactful learning experience.

Pricing flexes to your needs, with custom quotes and tiered plans that put employee growth within reach. Free trials are available after you sign up for the platform.

Key strengths

  • Microlearning: RapL breaks down complex training topics into short, easily digestible modules that employees can access anywhere. This approach minimizes disruptions to workflow and promotes continuous learning.
  • Adaptive learning: The platform uses AI algorithms to tailor the learning path to each employee's individual needs and learning pace. This ensures everyone acquires the necessary knowledge and skills efficiently.
  • Gamification: RapL incorporates game-like elements like points, badges, and leaderboards to add a fun and competitive dimension to learning. This motivates employees, boosts engagement, and reinforces knowledge retention.

Target use cases

  • Continuous Learning Culture: Foster a culture of continuous learning within the organization by implementing for ongoing training initiatives.
  • Product and Compliance Training: Deliver product training or compliance courses effectively, leveraging RapL's microlearning strategy for accessible and engaging content.
  • Sales Team Development: Better sales teams' product knowledge and skills through microlearning and gamification elements, fostering consistent improvement.

Customer Reviews

On g2, it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

“I enjoy learning with RapL. RapL appeals to my competitive nature with the ability to earn points and move up on the leaderboard. Questions sent to me every few days reinforce my learning, and my confidence builds.”

4. Realizeit

Realizeit is an award-winning adaptive learning platform that personalizes the learning experience for individuals and organizations. It's all about optimizing training and education for maximum efficient learning gains.

However, they don't publicly disclose their pricing information on their website.

Key strengths

  • Provides engaging experiences: The platform offers a variety of content formats, including text, video, quizzes, and simulations, to keep learners engaged and motivated.
  • Maximizes efficiency: By focusing on mastery rather than simply completing content, Realizeit helps learners achieve desired outcomes faster.
  • Offers actionable feedback: Learners receive personalized feedback throughout their journey, highlighting areas for improvement and celebrating successes.

Target use cases

  • Personalized Customer Service Training: Tailor training for customer service reps, using Realizeit to address individual needs and elevate their ability to handle diverse customer interactions effectively.
  • Optimizing Sales Performance: Leverage the platform’s effectiveness on sales applications such as CRMs, etc., to pinpoint and address specific skill gaps, optimizing their performance in real-world scenarios.
  • New-hire Training: Craft a personalized 12-18-month journey, efficiently cross-training customer-facing roles based on individual needs and prior knowledge.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews we found on their website:

“Realizeit delivers practical next-level solutions that create real value for global commercial enterprises.”

5. Adaptemy

Adaptemy is a well-known adaptive learning platform that helps learners identify knowledge gaps and provides targeted content to bridge those gaps using artificial intelligence.

However, insights from a Reddit user's experience indicate a significant pricing range, varying from $40k to over $100k for implementation and support. Notably, the official website lacks disclosure on specific pricing tiers, and there's no information regarding the availability of a free trial.

Key strengths

  • Customized Workshop Efficiency: Streamline team training with personalized online or onsite workshops, ensuring efficient knowledge transfer.
  • Strategic Guidance Framework: Employ the Adaptemy Roadmap™ framework to analyze your current products, systems, and processes thoroughly.
  • Prototype Development Mastery: Develop and test assumptions by creating a working prototype tailored to your preferences, and pilot it with trainers and trainees for effective feedback.

Target use cases

  • Improving online learning: Adaptive courses optimize engagement and completion rates for self-directed learners.
  • Corporate training: Develop customized learning journeys for employee onboarding and skill development.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review we found:

“Adaptemy has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their impressive adaptive learning technology has made learning more engaging and effective. The support team is responsive and helpful. I am truly satisfied with their services. Keep up the good work!”

6. OttoLearn

OttoLearn is an adaptive learning software that delivers engaging, bite-sized knowledge bursts in just 2 minutes daily. Its award-winning gamified microlearning platform adapts to your needs, ensuring long-term retention with spaced repetition and personalized reinforcement.

Try OttoLearn for free for 14 days to experience the platform firsthand. The plan starts at $250/month and is billed annually. You receive microlearning modules, personalized learning paths, and mobile learning features.

Key strengths

  • Adaptive Learning Precision: OttoLearn excels with adaptive algorithms that intuitively deliver tailored content to each learner, ensuring a personalized and effective learning journey.
  • Efficient Content Creation: The integrated Content Studio simplifies and accelerates microlearning content authoring, providing training personnel a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Engaging Learning Environment: It offers a dynamic learning environment with gamification elements such as leaderboards, points, and rewards.

Target use cases

  • Employee Training: Onboard new hires, upskill existing teams, and deliver compliance training effectively.
  • Professional Development: Stay ahead of the curve with personalized learning paths and continuous skill acquisition.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a testimonial we found:

"Liking what I'm seeing in OttoLearn already, there are some neat applications here."

7. Knowingo

Knowingo is a cloud-based learning platform that redefines the traditional LMS,  making knowledge acquisition fun and effective. Think of it as a power-up for your workforce, transforming dry training into engaging quizzes, challenges, and competitions.

It does not disclose on its website what its pricing plans are, and there is also no mention of a free trial period.

Key strengths

  • AI-powered personalization: Tailored learning paths for optimal engagement and retention.
  • Gamified learning: Fun and engaging challenges to boost motivation and knowledge retention.
  • Mobile app: Access to learning anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Target use cases

  • Onboarding and training new employees: Accelerate knowledge acquisition and improve performance.
  • Upskilling existing employees: Bridge skill gaps and keep employees competitive.
  • Compliance training: Ensure employees understand and adhere to company policies and regulations.
  • Sales training: Enhance product knowledge and close more deals.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews we found:

“Knowingo+ is 🔥! This is, by far, the best learning platform I've come across. The lessons are engaging and interactive, making learning enjoyable. The support team is always ready to assist and quickly solves any issues. “

8. Axonify

Axonify is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for frontline worker enablement. It combines bite-sized microlearning, AI-powered reinforcement, and two-way communication to drive knowledge retention, improve employee engagement, and ultimately boost business outcomes.

For those interested, a product tour is readily accessible on the website. However, it's worth noting that there is no explicit mention of a free trial option.

Key strengths

  • Brain-science powered: Microlearning and spaced repetition techniques maximize knowledge retention.
  • AI-driven reinforcement: Personalized nudges and quizzes keep employees engaged and on track.
  • Seamless communication: Two-way communication tools bridge the gap between HQ and frontline workers.
  • Guided task management: Step-by-step instructions ensure consistent execution of tasks.

Target use cases

  • Retail: Product knowledge, customer service training, compliance, safety procedures.
  • Hospitality: Guest service, food safety, operational procedures.
  • Healthcare: Patient care protocols, equipment training, compliance regulations.
  • Manufacturing: Quality control, safety protocols, machine operation procedures.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review we found on g2:

“There's really no comparable eLearning platform out there. The heart of the platform is Daily Questions, which adapts to the learner's answer history and uses reinforcement to combat the forgetting curve. In-platform games and rewards prizing capabilities. The platform also keeps the learning experience intuitive and bite-sized. We have a lot of buy-in from our frontline--the majority of whom use the platform daily. Our frontline teammates find the system.”

9. 360 Learning

360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that leverages AI and social features to transform internal experts into knowledge creators, enabling rapid upskilling for all employees.

With flexible pricing plans catering to various organizational needs, the platform's out-of-the-box Learning Management System (LMS) for collaborative learning allows users to create and deploy engaging content within minutes.

Priced at $8 per registered user per month for up to 100 users, 360Learning offers a 30-day free trial, allowing organizations to explore its innovative approach to collaborative learning and upskilling.

Key strengths

  • Collaborative Learning: Turns employees into learning resources, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning.
  • AI-powered Content Creation: Recommends microlearning content and guides experts in creating engaging learning modules.
  • Social Features: Encourages engagement through discussion forums, Q&A sessions, and gamification elements.

Target use cases

  • Onboarding new employees: Accelerate onboarding and equip new hires with essential knowledge and skills.
  • Skill development and upskilling: Close skill gaps and help employees stay relevant in a changing landscape.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review we found on g2:

“As the specialist responsible for implementing 360Learning, it is one of the key applications in my toolbox. While we also rely on other tools, we use work in this tool frequently, if not daily, during certain periods. And as we keep expanding the use of 360Learning externally and internally, the use will increase.”

How to Choose an Adaptive Learning Platform?

  • Define Your Training Goals: Clearly outline your training objectives and goals. Identify the specific outcomes you want to achieve through adaptive learning.
  • Understand Your Audience: Analyze the characteristics and preferences of your learners. Consider factors such as role, responsibilities, learning styles, and technological proficiency.
  • Scalability: Consider the scalability of the platform. Ensure it can accommodate the growth of your user base and the expansion of your educational programs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Evaluate the platform's user interface for both administrators and learners. A user-friendly design enhances the overall learning experience and reduces the learning curve for all users.
  • Cost and ROI: Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including licensing fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance. Assess the Return on Investment (ROI) by considering the long-term benefits and impact on learning outcomes.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure the platform adheres to security standards and compliance requirements, especially when dealing with sensitive learner data or operating in regulated industries.

Why Choose Gyde to Add Adaptivity to Your Training Programs?

Gyde stands out for its easy integration capabilities, placing a strong emphasis on compatibility with your existing applications such as LMS, CRM, HRMS, and more.

It adheres to stringent compliance standards, including ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018, guaranteeing the security and privacy of your training data.

Additionally, it prioritizes user privacy by practicing data minimization, capturing only essential information. To further underscore its commitment to security, the platform undergoes quarterly penetration testing by third-party experts.

In essence, Gyde not only delivers adaptability but also champions security and privacy as fundamental pillars of its service. Plus, you get top-notch support to make your training and help content top-tier.

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What is adaptive learning in LMS?

Adaptive learning in LMS tailors training to individual needs, identifying knowledge gaps and providing personalized, dynamic content. It enhances engagement, skill development, and business performance by offering customized learning journeys, timely content, and adjusting difficulty based on performance.

  • Intelligent tutors: AI-powered systems that guide and personalize learning, similar to a human tutor.
  • Adaptive testing: Assessments that adjust difficulty based on student responses, providing accurate skill evaluation.
  • Psychometrics: The study of psychological measurement used to assess individual learning styles and preferences.
  • Personalized learning: Tailoring learning experiences to individual needs and goals.

What are the best adaptive learning platforms in 2024?

Here are our top picks for the best adaptive learning platforms in 2024:

  1. Gyde - Best DAP for application training and adoption
  2. Axonify - Best LMS for bite-sized microlearning
  3. RiseUp - Best LXP and authoring platform for impactful learning
  4. 360Learning - Best all-in-one learning platform
  5. OttoLearn - Best gamified learning platform