So you've worked for hours on your new application feature, and you're quite proud of how it turned out, but your users seem to be pretty much unimpressed. Such an impasse, right?

Web and mobile application developers spend countless hours designing, updating, and revamping their digital products with the latest features having powerful functionalities. Though the loyal customer base might treat your new feature as their holy grail, most of the other customers who are still experimenting and acquainting themselves with the application might be totally unaware of your most valued update.

So the question is, how can you launch your product feature so that more and more customers can quickly adapt to it.

Give your product feature the marketing it deserves

Whether you're building a complex messaging platform, a training app, or just an app to help people track the groceries they buy, your product has features that are designed to help users do their jobs faster. However, if users aren't aware of these features (or the way to access them), they are unlikely to utilize them and take advantage of everything your app has to offer.

So why is a feature marketing campaign essential to your product plan? Well, to put it simply, a feature marketing campaign brings with itself a myriad of benefits. From expanding into new market niches to attract new users to giving trial users a cause to upgrade by offering them a reason, feature marketing helps amp up your business. Good feature marketing can also help existing consumers acquire additional value from your product by learning to use it more efficiently.

Here are some of the best ways to launch your latest product feature to garner more customer attention and market buzz.

1. List down your feature at Product Hunt

Slack, for example, released screen-sharing for video calls and then updated the feature a few months later, both of which were featured on Product Hunt. The entries include screenshots and a link to a brief blog article that explains how to locate the feature in the app. Listing on third-party platforms will help your new leads explore the newest addition to your product.

2. Easy and Hassle-free In-App Messages

Displaying a prompt when the user is inside the app, attempting to use a premium feature, or previewing advanced capabilities is one appealing method to help app owners communicate the latest features to users. When used correctly, in-app announcements pique your users' interest in what's coming next and assist them in identifying what they're looking for.

3. Get going around the app with Feature Tours

Popular applications like Dunzo, Autopilot, and Asana use animated mascots or tooltips to walk their users through the entire application and acquaint them with new features, functionality add-ons, and layout changes. A product tour gives users a sense of orientation by demonstrating where the most significant features are located. It walks users through a series of tasks that they must complete incorporating the new feature to achieve a specific objective. can help you here to create simple yet comprehensive and engaging product tours in a matter of a few minutes.

4. Informative Webinars to the Rescue

Product-focused webinars are pretty popular among prospects and users to receive new feature training and information.'s webinars are an excellent example of content that appeals to a variety of user levels.  From top-of-funnel content about managing remote sales teams to webinars that introduce and explain a new feature, there's something for everyone.

5. Hit That Mailbox

Customers on your mailing list who haven't subscribed for the feature you just launched (due to a higher price tier or because it's available separately) require different marketing than others. Emails are an excellent way to reach disengaged free trial users or consumers who are about to quit on low-cost plans. Companies like Linktree, Grammarly, and Zapier roll out compelling emails to notify subscribers about the latest feature releases and boost their conversions. With, you can generate and share walkthrough video links of the new product feature with your email subscribers.

6. Spread the word with engaging Blog Posts

A blog is a fantastic tool for getting the word out about new products and services. If your business blog has a large audience base, make use of it by producing a blog post describing what's new. Explicitly stating the benefits of the new function shows your clients how it will enhance their experience.

7. Who doesn't like a free trial?

Digital giants like LinkedIn, Canva, and Wix offer free 7 to 30 days trials of premium and latest features to their customers. This is perhaps one of the smartest ways to shoot up your conversion numbers as it works with the psychology of the users. Allowing people to try out a powerful feature could convince them that they can't live without it, eventually leading to their conversion.

8. Get your customers involved from the beginning

When you are thinking about launching a new product feature in the market, it is crucial to reach out to your early users or clients to get their honest feedback. Asking for reviews will help you improve your existing services and make your customers happy. Beta testing and early user feedback can pave the way for feature improvements and a better customer experience.

After the launch

It may so happen that your customer is hyped up to onboard hastily but doesn't want to spend time getting its basics right. Even prompt customer service might not be of help 24/7 at every step. Result? The customer will be frustrated despite you offering all plausible features! will ensure you save your day here. It takes care of all the onboarding & training hassles with super-easy walkthroughs and contextual FAQs. The best part isn't done yet. It provides an array of useful features that lets your customer use your product to its fullest potential.

Now that's something most businesses miss out on. Therefore, fill in the gap so you stand a chance of being an outlier by promising your users an enriching experience.