Pendo specializes in product analytics, with a strong emphasis on delivering valuable insights. While the platform also provides in-app messaging and guidance features, these are not the primary focus of Pendo's offerings.

That being said, we understand that enterprises are often seeking ways to increase software adoption and ROI, and contextual guidance and support can be vital in achieving those goals.

We've conducted research on Pendo alternatives, identifying five budget-friendly options for 2023 that can meet your L&D needs without straining your budget. We've even delved into WalkMe alternatives, so you can be confident in our recommendations.

So, let’s take it from the top -

Why Seek Pendo alternatives?

  • While Pendo does offer in-app guidance features, they are not particularly focused on creating walkthroughs or contextual guidance. So, if you're seeking a more specialized approach to those needs, you may want to consider other options.
  • Pendo falters in delivering real-time data updates, precisely targeting user segments based on custom events, and sometimes rendering the platform's dashboard unactionable.
  • Mastering the effective use of Pendo can be a real challenge. We've heard from many of their customers who have spent hours upon hours tagging different features for heatmap analysis, only to discover that they made a mistake somewhere along the way.
  • Though Pendo's official site doesn’t give away the pricing, some reliable users on Capiche have disclosed their experience -

- One company managed to negotiate their tour functionality price down from $20,000 to just $2,000 per year.

- Another company went with Pendo and paid $12,000 for the first year of a startup package, which included some integrations and a $1,500 implementation fee. Year two cost them $15,000.

- A third company paid $5,000 for one year of a single product's tour functionality, with regular prices kicking in afterward.

So now that you know the truth about Pendo, why stick to the status quo when better options are available?

Whether in BFSI, Healthcare, Education, or any other industry, these alternatives will help you train and upskill your employees without compromising quality.

So let's explore these alternatives and find the perfect fit for your organization!

Pendo Alternative 1: Gyde

Compiling a list of Pendo's competitors would be remiss if we didn't mention our offering.

Gyde is a highly intelligent digital adoption platform that can immensely benefit your application users. With it's user-friendly interface that provides walkthroughs and help articles, Gyde makes it easier for your users to navigate and learn your application while at work.

Regarding analytics capabilities, both Pendo and Gyde excel; however, users have reported that Gyde is a more user-friendly and accessible option among Pendo alternatives.

Not only is it easier to set up, but ongoing support is also top-notch, and feature updates are organized and directed clearly and concisely.

So, what does Gyde do?

Key Features

  • Audio Visual Walkthroughs - When your team adapts to new software or system, they will mostly need guidance on how to do a process. Most of the time, that will mean more IT support. But what if your employees get the help they require in-app and while working?

These step-by-step walkthroughs minimize your team’s frustration; they will find what they need in a few minutes.

  • Analytics - In the age of technology, data is crucial for almost everything. By analyzing these processes, you can identify what's working and what's not. So how does that work?

Gyde's analytics feature allows you to track user behavior and interactions on the help articles and walkthroughs designed to train your employees on specific processes.

This feature lets you easily monitor how many people have viewed the help content. You can create, edit, and update the help content as needed to ensure your employees receive up-to-date training.

Gyde’s intuitive dashboards graphically present user behavior insights into which features or functions are used most or least.

  • In-app Assessments - In-app assessment is a powerful feature that allows you to evaluate your users' knowledge, skills, or abilities within your application.

They’ll help you to create a better employee experience, increase engagement and retention, and ultimately drive business success.

What’s more?

  • Best Security: Gyde provides enterprise-grade security through ISO 27001 certification, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, and compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

By choosing Gyde, you can ensure the safety of sensitive information, protect individuals' privacy, and mitigate the risks of regulatory violations and data breaches, ultimately maintaining the trust of customers and partners.

  • Best Customer reviews: Gyde is a trusted brand with a proven track record of delivering high-quality customer service. With excellent customer reviews, Gyde goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Integration: Gyde sits on top of any web-based application and integrates seamlessly with tools like Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, Netsuite, and more, so your employees can easily access the information they need to perform their job duties.

How is Gyde better than Pendo?

Gyde Vs Pendo Comparison
Gyde Vs Pendo Comparison


Gyde offers three different pricing tiers - Air, Startup, and Enterprise - each with benefits depending on your specific needs.

The Air tier starts at just $99 monthly, while the Startup tier starts at $199 monthly. Gyde also offers a free trial for businesses to try the platform before committing to a paid plan.

The free trial provides access to all the features of the Startup plan for 15 days, allowing businesses to test out the platform and see how it can benefit their operations.


Gyde has helped us enhance digital adoption in one of the flagship employee programs at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co.Ltd. Gyde walkthroughs have restructured and revamped how our employees experience a new application with training videos and FAQs being embedded into the screen.
Neeraj Nalgundwar
(Associate VP - IT, Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd)

Pendo Alternative 2: AppLearn

Applearn is a simple and user-friendly digital adoption platform that caters to all employee training needs. As a Pendo alternative, it provides comprehensive digital adoption solutions (DAS) for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • In-app guidance and walkthroughs - Help users quickly navigate the application and achieve their goals.
  • Interactive learning modules - Provide an engaging and immersive learning experience.
  • Personalized training plans - Tailored to individual users' needs and learning styles.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting - Provide valuable user behavior and training effectiveness insights.

What’s more?

  • Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for any organization to enhance its training and digital adoption efforts.
  • Applearn's platform could benefit from improvements to streamline the customer (content creator) experience, such as enabling easier status changes, bulk selection of resources, and simplifying transferring resources between environments.


Although AppLearn does not publicly disclose its pricing, it is generally considered more affordable than Pendo, according to client feedback.


Ability to create user guides in minutes without coding skills, ease of deployment and user monitoring, and highly-customized solutions.  Working between two languages is a little tough, but we are testing and working through it.

Pendo Alternative 3: Apty

Apty's platform provides a comprehensive solution for all your digital adoption needs. Whether it's onboarding, training, or change management, Apty will address your concerns.

Key Features

  • Content Management: Easily create and manage your digital content to ensure employees can access the information they need to succeed.
  • Course Publishing: Streamline your employee training with interactive course content that can be published quickly and easily.
  • Customizable Templates: Create personalized training plans that meet the unique needs of your employees and business objectives.
  • Blended Learning: Combine online and offline learning experiences to create an engaging and effective comprehensive training program.

What’s more?

  • One of the pros of using Apty includes its comprehensive analytics, reporting, and real-time employee feedback.
  • Content creation may require additional resources, and users with limited resources may find it challenging to create content effectively.
  • Integration options are limited, which may impact the ability to integrate with other business applications seamlessly.


Apty offers a flexible subscription-based pricing model tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.

By requesting a demo, you can receive a customized quote.


As it is a feature-rich product, we thought it would be complex to use, but thanks to their customer success team, we could use it in no time and started to reap its rewards. Sometimes you may get overwhelmed by its features, but you get the hang of it with time.

Pendo Alternative 4: Spekit

As remote work continues to become the new norm, Spekit is a powerful solution enabling your employees to access information and resources anytime and anywhere they need.

It's a great Pendo alternative that provides just-in-time learning.

Key Features

  • Seismic Integration: Seamlessly integrate your existing Seismic platform with Spekit to enhance your team's productivity and streamline workflows.
  • Knowledge Checks: Ensure your team has a deep understanding of critical information with interactive knowledge checks that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Premium Onboarding and Professional Services: Get up and running quickly with Spekit's premium onboarding and professional services, designed to meet the unique needs of your team.
  • Knowledge Base Management: Keep your company's knowledge base organized and updated with Spekit's comprehensive knowledge base management tools.

What’s more?

  • Spekit has been making waves in employee training and onboarding with its powerful content creation and storage capabilities.
  • Review websites have given the platform high marks for its user-friendly interface and advanced search feature, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.
  • While there have been a few reported cons of using Spekit, one customer reported an issue with Spekit's slack integration, which caused a problem that took over 4 weeks for Spekit to determine the root cause.
  • Spekit has received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on popular review sites. Many users praise the platform for its ease of use and effectiveness in improving employee performance.


If you're interested in using Spekit for your organization, you'll need to book a call to get a personalized quote, as their official website doesn't disclose their pricing upfront.

However, according to some review websites, Spekit's pricing is relatively less than Pendo's starting price of $20 per user.


Spekit has so much to offer that it is hard to define what I like best! If I had to pick one thing, it would be the ease of accessing processes and procedures in a clear, concise, and digestible way without having to navigate away from my workflow. Sometimes when you hover, I get stuck looking at the spekit and need to refresh the page for it to go away.

Pendo Alternative 5: Userlane

Regarding user engagement analytics, Pendo and Userlane are both excellent options. While they offer similar training content types like walkthroughs and pop-ups, Userlane focuses more on self-training.

Userlane offers interactive onboarding features such as step-by-step guides and contextual support to help users learn and navigate through software easily. These features can be customized to suit the user's preferences and needs for a smoother onboarding experience.

Key Features

  • Platform Reporting: With Userlane, you can track the performance and engagement of your support content, even if you have zero analytics knowledge.
  • HEART Analytics: Userlane's HEART analytics feature allows you to measure success by tracking user behavior across software applications.
  • Enterprise Search: Userlane makes it easy for your users to stay in the flow of their work while still having access to external knowledge bases.
  • Context-sensitive Help: With Userlane, you can provide contextual support to your users through Tooltips, Announcements, and pop-ups that promote specific Guides based on each user's needs.

What’s more?

  • Userlane editor is designed with a simple and intuitive interface, enabling users to create content quickly after becoming familiar with it.
  • While Userlane may not offer advanced planning tools and analytics, it provides robust features to support user onboarding and adoption.
  • Organizations with limited users may find usage analytics challenging to interpret, as internal users may be difficult to filter out.
  • With an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on popular review sites, Userlane has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its effectiveness and ease of use.


Userlane creates custom plans to help businesses drive digital adoption by considering each client's unique goals and budget.

You can try Userlane for free by contacting the team and requesting a guided trial of their software.


The constant flow of new and updated features. The product is positively evolving, making it great to work with and explore those new options. In rare cases, the editor stops working while you are creating a guide, which can be frustrating.

Upgrade to Gyde - the Perfect Pendo alternative

Gyde is a powerful digital adoption software that can take your training and employee productivity to the next level. With its innovative learning experience, you can say goodbye to boring and time-consuming training sessions. Gyde can increase employee performance by up to 57%, giving your business a competitive edge.

If you want to learn more about Gyde and how it can help your business, our digital adoption experts will answer your questions. Book a call with us today, and let us help you achieve maximum software adoption and success.


Who are Pendo biggest competitors?

Some of the biggest Pendo competitors are:

  • Gyde
  • AppLearn
  • Apty
  • Spekit
  • Userlane

How is Pendo different from Google Analytics?

Pendo and Google Analytics are tools for collecting data and insights about user behavior on websites and applications, but they serve different purposes. Google Analytics provides an overview of website traffic and engagement metrics.

In contrast, Pendo focuses on in-app user behavior and provides more detailed insights into how users interact with specific features and functionalities. Pendo also offers features such as targeted messaging and in-app guidance, which Google Analytics does not provide.

Is Pendo no code?

Yes, Pendo is a no-code platform. This means that users can set up and configure Pendo without any coding knowledge or experience.

Is Pendo easy to use?

Some users find Pendo very easy to use, while others might find it more challenging to navigate due to its cluttered analytics and require more training and support to use it effectively.

Ultimately, the ease of use of Pendo will depend on a variety of factors, such as the user's level of technical proficiency, familiarity with similar software tools, and the complexity of the tasks they are trying to accomplish with Pendo.

What is the difference between Pendo and Gyde?

Pendo and Gyde are both software platforms offering digital adoption solutions, but their approach and features differ.

Overall, Pendo and Gyde offer solutions for user guidance, but Gyde has a more extensive range of features such as audio walkthroughs, chat-like interface, auto-translation, and customizability.