Banking, Financial Services & Insurance or BFSI, is more commonly surrounded by commercial banks, cooperatives, insurance companies, non-banking companies, mutual funds, and more. The BFSI industry uses multiple applications to provide these services.

Rolling out a new application or technology will certainly prove ineffective if your employees do not use it to the fullest potential. Less adoption leads to lower returns on investments because companies need to spend more to onboard and train users. And here Digital Adoption can be the biggest help, as Digital Adoption platforms like Gyde can help employees by providing at-moment assistance, leading them to learn and use an enterprise application, tools, or software to its fullest capacity.

Why is digital adoption a must-have for BFSI?

Provides Real-time & contextual information delivery model for employees -

When employees/users require assistance at most? And the answer is when they are using it and stuck at doing some workflow. That's where Gyde can help by providing in-app, step-by-step guidance to perform a task easily.
The available help content is highly contextual as it is tailor-made as per the role, location of the user. That makes it to the point.

Better employee engagement -

Employee Engagement can be increased by making employees satisfied with the tools they use and the processes in place.  Gyde DAP’s On-screen guidance makes employees realize ‘aha moment’ by showing them what to do and how to complete their tasks adequately. Employees can learn without any manual assistance and within the product itself which eventually increases Employee Engagement. 

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Maximizing Return on Investment -

Return on Investment (ROI) is the key performance indicator to measure expenditure  profitability. To ensure financial success, focusing on  Employees and Product ROI is a must.
The factors that affect the decreased ROI are:

  1. Poor onboarding  process
  2. Lack of employee engagement
  3. Improper product  adoption
  4. Inappropriate training methods
  5. Reduced employee productivity

Digital adoption ensures a faster Return on Investment. With a Digital Adoption Platform, Employee can be improved and self-served. And it also helps in Smooth Product Adoption, Process automation, better Employee Engagement, faster returns and lower employee churn rates.

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For the BFSI industry to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, investing in a DAP is the first step to success. As it helps to accelerates product  adoption rate, decreases training & supporting costs, helps with seamless change management, and improves employee training & onboarding and lots more.