What is product usage analytics?

  • Product usage analytics is a process in which data is analysed concerning how users interact with a product.
  • The idea is to track the users as they use the product. It becomes easy to identify which features they use, how they navigate around the product, and ultimately how much value they get from it.
  • This data can be collected and used to identify areas of the product that need improving or tweaking in some way to boost user engagement.

There is a wide range of different things that can learn from product usage analytics, Digital Adoption Platforms like Gyde helps to leverage the feature for product usage analytics as it gives insight about:

  • Product’s most popular features
  • Processes where users are struggling
  • Most un-used features

The plenty of information can be uncovered with product usage analytics makes it an integral part of product management.

Many factors make this data incredibly useful as it is:

  • Objective
  • Specific
  • Efficient

Product usage is objective

When it comes to learning how the user is interacting with the product, there are two main routes.

The first route is to speak to the user. Talking to them about how they use the product, what they like and dislike, what they want to see next.

However, the issue with the data from surveys and interviews is that it’s a little subjective. People often don’t quite realize exactly how they use a product. They just use it, often on autopilot.

This lack of accuracy and objectivity presents a problem, which can lead to end up wasting a lot of resources.

The solution, product usage analytics. A quantitative approach to data can draw realistic, actionable conclusions from it. That’s what makes product usage analytics so useful.

Product usage is specific

It gives insight about:

1)   How many users have adopted the product-

It gives the insight about exactly how many users and which group of users are using the product. Also, it helps to analyse which feature of the product users are using the most.

2)   Where users need more help-

This gives the details about where users are struggling while using the product and for which part of the product they require more help.

Product usage analytics gives the full picture of the user journey, so it becomes easy to dive in deep and find specific answers to questions

Product usage is efficient

It takes time to build or to improve any product, and as the SaaS world moves fast time becomes one of the biggest issues with surveys since it takes a lot of time for replies.

But with the Product Usage Analytics, it becomes easier to understand the feedback without investing more time into it.

Product usage analytics is best as, product data doesn’t lie, and can help make informed product decisions based on facts, not on just conjecture. It allows to use actionable information to improve the quality of product as well as the customer experience

It’s quick, easy and efficient.