According to a recent Statista poll, more than 25% of large-scale businesses and 29% of small-scale organizations embrace new cloud technologies and solutions. This trend has only intensified throughout the epidemic.

Companies must make the onboarding process as simple as possible to compete in a crowded marketplace as they utilize more online technologies for their day-to-day operations. This procedure may be made more accessible with the usage of digital adoption platforms.

Digital adoption platforms provide a configurable interface that allows an organization to match its software adoption infrastructure with specific enterprise software products. Digital adoption platforms provide a centralized location where users can seamlessly interact with enterprise software and its business systems. It maximizes the potential for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and accelerated adoption rates.

What is Digital Adoption?

Simply put, digital adoption platforms assist consumers or workers in swiftly learning how to utilize digital goods (such as web applications, Software-as-a-Service) and understanding the benefits of doing so. They include guided walkthroughs, interactive tours, help articles, checklists, and other features that aid software learning and onboarding and essential user behaviour analytics.

Let's look at the 7 best digital adoption platforms if you consider investing in one.

1. Gyde

Price: On Request is an incredible software assistance platform that enhances the user experience with apps and makes them simple. It provides hassle-free application use with consumer-class user experience, self-serve support, seamless application training, and faster digital adoption. A true partner to your business applications, Gyde transforms the overall customer experience with your business.

It guides users on online and mobile applications with step-by-step voice assistance, byte-sized training videos, and detailed help articles. These are personalized, multilingual, and available directly within the application, where they're needed the most. Gyde enables self-help for your users, improves product adoption, and skyrockets onboarding.

How is transforming the digital transformation game?

  • Simple, seamless, and step-by-step onboarding and training.
  • Boosting adoption and productivity with self-serve help.
  • Enhancing user communication with real-time insights and analytics.
  • Offering role-specific contextualized help to the users.
  • Leveraging the multilingual capabilities to break the language barriers.

What do Gyde clients have to say about it?

"Gyde has helped us to enhance the digital adoption in one of the flagship employee programs at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Gyde walkthroughs have restructured and revamped the way our employees experience a new application with training videos and FAQs being embedded into the screen. With this, our employees will be able to adopt to the new applications much faster and become proficient in them independently."

-Mr. Neeraj Nalgundwar, Associate Vice President (IT)
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

2. Whatfix

Price: Personalized

Whatfix is customer experience management software used by big businesses to guarantee that their employees get the most out of their software and web services. It's best for onboarding and training employees rather than consumers. Whatfix's technologies are more suited to delivering training content and integrating with learning management systems.


  • Convert walkthroughs into accessible training content and slideshows with multiformat content production.
  • Employees benefit from innovative in-app training.
  • Integration with your learning management system (LMS), allowing walkthroughs to be incorporated in your LMS.
  • Users receive personalized messages during walkthroughs.
  • Supported by the most popular and widely used software platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, and many more web apps.

Chase P.

Whatfix is very customizable and has awesome analytics to give insight into how well' customers are interacting with your tips and training pop-ups. One other huge benefit is their customer support. Whatfix is extremely responsive and helpful in getting their product working for you.


  • According to many clients, this is still a costly solution.
  • Clients reported the editor to be problematic for building various onboarding items.
  • Complex flows still need engineering assistance.
  • Whatfix lacks analytics.

Oscar Javier R.

There are some features that I expected to be done automatically, and we had to do some manual work to get the right setup regarding our use cases, which was to deploy most of our training through Whatfix.

3. Pendo

Price: Custom

Pendo is a product experience DAP software solution developed for product teams aiming to increase software adoption. Product teams may utilize real-user data with Pendo to figure out where pain points are occurring in an app. It also has digital adoption tools for onboarding new workers, ongoing training, self-service support, and more.


  • Walkthroughs and in-app training.
  • Personalized continuous training workflows tailored to your needs.
  • User analytics for understanding confusion points.
  • User feedback tools for understanding feedback at scale.
  • Integrated multi-app support for effective digital transformation.

Matthew W.

The guides have building blocks for pretty much any use case you would need. They're easy to create and edit for anyone who isn't technical. The guides have enough flexibility for designers and devs to customize them.


  • Dashboards provide less versatility.
  • Step-by-step tutorials that walk you through the process might be more fluid.
  • There is no screen recording.
  • For setup, a better user interface is necessary. Only walkthroughs and in-app chats are possible. It lacks checklists, progress indicators, and hotspots.
  • There is a lack of capabilities to track user activity.

Margaret H.

The only thing that I would like to be a little easier to use is its user interface, I consider it to be a bit difficult to use at times, it is the only drawback that I can find with this tool.

4. Appcues

Price: $249/month (Initial Plan)

Appcues is a DAP that focuses on increasing user onboarding and product adoption through data. Appcues focuses on the onboarding process and provides in-app assistance and support to address them. Personalized and custom adoption processes, offering the appropriate onboarding experience to the right user at the right time, and expanding adoption with actionable insights and analytics are just a few examples.


  • Onboarding and adoption process builder with no coding.
  • User segmentation based on user behaviour for contextual in-app communications.
  • Adoption processes may be tracked and measured using custom dashboards and data visualizations.
  • Enhanced user support, multilingual benefits, and user segmentation.
  • Deep user insights and analytics.

Lane H.

The UI is smooth, we are able to sync data directly from Heap Analytics to Appcues so that we can target specific users based on their behaviours in our app. I also love the "visualizer", which allows me to point and click and shows me what the guides will look like before I deploy them (very easy to use).


  • The checklists are helpful but can be enhanced with greater functionality.
  • Extension for Google Chrome has a lag.
  • When the software is upgraded, users have reported a lag for a few initial days.

Atul K.

The amount of configurability is limited. It does not allow us to set any delays or define any trigger for triggering an app tour.

5. WalkMe

Price: Custom

With no-code user adoption and training content creation tools, WalkMe allows companies to enhance user adoption for their workers and customers without editing or altering a program's functionality. It is used by renowned companies mostly for employee training. Businesses also utilize WalkMe to generate in-app tooltips, walkthroughs, and more, allowing end-users to learn how to use an app while still working.


  • On-screen guidance through the use of balloons and tooltips.
  • Customizable widgets, surveys, and other branded content features.
  • Interactive activity dashboard.
  • Real-time monitoring, reports, and analytics.
  • Helpdesk integration to improve user experience.

Ruth G.

We use WalkMe to accomplish a lot of things: in-app communication to clients (emergency banners, marketing campaigns, etc.), self-help, launching our user guide on different pages, etc. I like their usability, support, transparency (bugs, releases, etc.)


  • No interactive video explanations.
  • Requires clean, fast and responsive UI.
  • Time-consuming to log in.
  • Needs Live Connect ability if a problem is not solved.
  • Often slows down and lags in the presence of multiple tabs.
  • Pricey for the features it offers.

Scott A

I have had bad experiences with the support and now expect issues to take a lot longer to resolve than they should. Changes "Improvements" to the system have not always been purely positive, removing some basic functionality that was previously there and very useful.

6. Apty

Price: Custom

Apty is a digital adoption platform that helps businesses embrace new technologies. Business companies may use Apty to create virtual learning processes and self-service knowledge centers and actively enroll, teach, and develop workers on their software stack.


  • Tooltips and walkthroughs in the app can be customized.
  • Features for assessing staff adoption include training and analytics.
  • On-screen guidance and simple navigation instructions.
  • Apty has assisted us with several player upgrade requests.
  • New users will find it simple to perform tasks thanks to easy-to-follow procedures.

Dylan H

Apty is excellent for user adoption, training, and onboarding. The tool makes it easy to develop workflows and the like, which makes development turnaround very fast-paced. In addition, it's very simplistic to use from the end-user and developer perspective since Apty lives in the browser as an extension. I couldn't imagine a better product in this realm. I would highly recommend it to any team that struggles with user acceptance, training, onboarding, and/or process alignment.


  • Platform integration and deployment are time-consuming.
  • Full-screen mode lags at times.
  • Doesn't work for desktop applications.
  • No online community to share user experiences and discuss best practices.
  • Limited customization and a clunky UI.

Verified Apty User

With each new release of the software, there is a bit of uncertainty in the stability of new features. Requires more attention than preferable with each new switch. Also, our tools are more complex than your standard website, and that requires more work and workarounds than expected when first acquiring a third-party onboarding tool.

7. Userpilot

Price: $249/month

UserPilot is a digital adoption tool built particularly for product teams to improve their platforms' user experience and adoption. It also gives product teams critical insights and data about user sentiment, user experience, and other parts of their product, allowing them to take meaningful steps to enhance these areas.


  • Customizable branding and improved customer engagement.
  • Real-time reports & analytics with proactive onboarding capabilities.
  • Analytical and segmentation of product usage.
  • Tooltips and pop-up messages for in-app content creation.
  • User feedback features to capture qualitative user data.

Tayla G

Userpilot is an incredible, user-friendly software that allows us to create unforgettable experiences for our clients! From basic to complex experiences, we have been able to do them all with ease! I would highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to provide their clients or users with the best product tour experience. The possibilities of what you can create are endless!


  • Requires a learning curve, not very simple to learn.
  • Initial costs might be expensive for small businesses.
  • Only the Analytics.js file is compatible with the segment integration.
  • Complex in-app terminology.

Matt B

The report screen scroll bars and column ordering are a bit clunky. Reordering the resource centre is time-consuming. A few small qualms with the product here, but I understand the complexities of displaying reporting data, and it has improved as I have used the product.

Final Words

Digital adoption platforms may help improve user experience and boost engagement with the software while ensuring that the adoption process is simple, seamless, and hassle-free. Efficient digital adoption platforms are essential to ensure successful digital transformation and increase ROI on software investments.

But how can you decide which digital adoption platform suits your requirements and helps you leverage technology to upgrade your processes? Well, is here to make things simple for you. With a wide range of advanced digital capabilities, streamlines your business operations and improves customer interactions.

So if you're looking for an easy, intuitive, and robust digital adoption tool to explore your full potential and reap the benefits of modern technology, don't forget to take a quick glance at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between digital adoption and digital transformation?

Digital adoption refers to organizations integrating new digital tools into their business environment. True digital adoption focuses on maximizing the value of software rather than merely deploying it. On the other hand, digital transformation refers to the organizational changes and transformations resulting from digital disruption and transformation. Adopting new tools, cultural shifts, business process modifications, and more are examples of these changes.

2. How does digital adoption work?

Digital adoption is a change and learning mechanism that enables people to:

  1. Recognize the value of digital resources.
  2. Embrace and use those resources to meet their objectives.
  3. Fully exploit each technology to promote innovation and streamline operations.

3. How can digital adoption solutions benefit my business?

Digital adoption enables consumers to accept the technology they are given and guarantees a consistent user experience across all digital touchpoints—handling a large amount of the change management required in digital transformation.

4. What is the most critical key for a successful digital adoption process?

Communication, cooperation, adequate organization, relevant training, the right tools, and comprehensive analysis are all essential ingredients for digital adoption success. It's up to you how you go about it, but employing apps like can help you remain on track with your digital adoption efforts.